Trampa Electric Longboard

Trampa Electric Longboard

Now this from @trampa I love

I think someone needs new socks for X-mas :footprints:


12s4p pack right out the box that’s huge

And motor, pulley and motor braket

No sign of electronics yet … VESC? The new VESC? Propitiatory Esc? Remote? Wheel options? Trucks? Deck?

Time to speculate

That’s what Ninja Grip does to your socks within minutes. Never ride without shoes! Its potentially dangerous for your socks (-;

12S4P is really nice. We rode 55km on one charge using the Samsung Q30 3000mAh cells…

This special Board is now equipped with the latest VESC development, making full use of the Motors Hall- and Temp sensors. NRF Nunchuck is used for control + wireless connection to BLDC-Tool. Big thx to BV! We will post a video, documenting the spectacular test ride at Tempelhof Airfield, as soon as it is edited.



Any special trucks, mount, wheels? Just to round it out @trampa :wink:

55KM,at what avr speed ?..and at what V did you go down to?

Thats a really nice looking mount.

Only 3D renderings tho

Close ups?

Hi Builders,

Speed was set to 20km/h by using erpm limits inside BLDC-Tool. That’s a realistic average speed. FOC mode was implemented. Battery cutoff at 3.1V. We still had some juce left after the ride. We know its not a record setting ride, but its nice to know the 12S4P packs fit in easily. Using even more cells + 3500mAh per cells would make rides of 70+km possible. But: My feet really struggle after two hours + of constant riding. Don’t need to go that far. Its good for demos though.

If you want to see the PARTS and details, please click on the “PARTS USED” section. Trucks are original Caliber II 50deg. Some bits are photos, others rendered, sorry.

Renderings: Our product range is very wide and we can’t build up all Boards we offer to shoot photos. So we decide to work with renderings + fotos to cope with the choices we offer. Its really tons of work. Some bits are photographed, others are rendered. Most of our range is still photographed though, so you can get an impression of our quality. We think people know what they get when they order and know we only offer the highest quality without any compromise. Our Decks have a lifetime guarantee. I will try to ad more videos, so you can see the real life products in detail, which do not differ from the renderings btw. Sorry we can’t produce all the high gloss images you would like to see in such a short period of time. Trampa is still small outfit and driven by only a few enthusiasts. We try to give our best to show you more.


Ps.: Never trust a photograph these days(-; Do you believe that all these perfect shaped bodies exist in real life. Same relates to products. Please post images if your worn socks to show this world ain’t as perfect as the industry want’s us to believe (-;


Hi @trampa (Frank) any more details/updates on your electric longboards. Are they still in development?..I’m not able to open the link to electric longboards on the main trampa website but can open up pages via google search :slight_smile:

Interested to see that you are likely offering deck options stiff/ firm/ flexi decks…as am particularly interested in a flexi deck.

Hi Smithster, the prototypes are fantastic, molds are polished and we will star to make them as soon as we get a breath of fresh air. Last month was so busy, we could not take on the project. Motormounts and trucks are available. Decks and battery boxes need to be made. We will take the product back to the frontpage within the upcoming weeks.


Hi @trampa Thanks for the update. By the way great website with so many options. Am also looking at your Street and Urban carver.

Had few more questions… Is the Longboards profile flat or concave? Will the battery box flex with a flexi deck? Is it possible to mount your spring trucks/ 7" wheels on the longboard? :slight_smile:


Our Longboards have very mild concave. The battery box allows some nice flex. If you wire your battery into smaller sections, so it can handle flex, you can build a flexy board.

Spring trucks need to be mounted to an angeled nose section. In this case the Urban Carve deck is perfect


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Do you have any pics of the blue 90mm wheels?

Hi Eboostin,

Thats the 83mm range. The 90mm will look the same, same core, 3,5mm more urethane on outer perimeter. The 90 and 83mm wheels are almost the same wheel. We will ad some more pics when they arrive.


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