Trampa eMountain Board and all the Trimmings for Sale

Hey Fellow eSkaters and eMountain Boarders!

I have a Trampa eMountain Board and a bunch of gear for sale. Sadly, I just don’t get to ride it as much as I’d like. On top of that, where I live, a One Wheel is far more convenient. This board is a Beast and in Fantastic shape. I did replace the Battery pack with a Pelican Case to house the (x2) (larger) TATTU Plus LiPo Smart Battery Pack 22000mAh 22.2V 25C 6S and VESCs. I also have a 60 Amp Charging Station for the batteries and a big Ballistic Nylon Carry Bag for the board. There are also some spare belts, Trampa Dampas, and tire tubes. Below is a more detailed list pulled right from my order invoice.

1 x Electric Mountainboard BELT DRIVEN PRO - VERTIGO - 16ply 35º Electric Deck - STIFF - GUNMETAL Anodized with Black logo Baseplate - BLACK Powder Coated Springs - RED DAMPA’s - 80a Stiff Steering - 136kv TRAMPA Motor - All Round Performance - 14 Tooth - All Round gearing - Matt Grey Naked Superstar Rim - GUNMETAL Anodized Spokes - 8 Inch BLACK Primo ALPHA Tires - 12mm ATB 6001 2RS Bearings - BLACK x8 - Please set me up in a REGULAR ride Style (Left foot forwards) - RATCHET Style Bindings please - Carbon Print Strap with Black Foam Footstraps - GUNMETAL with BLACK logo L-Brackets - GUNMETAL Anodized Ratchet Buckles - Heel Straps with GUNMETAL Ratchets - MAYTECH rechargeable Remote & Receiver - Wifi Dongle

Serious Inquiries only. Shipping will be from Zip Code 32814 for quoting purposes.
I am asking $3500 OBO for the whole lot. I’m not interested in piece-meals. All or nothing.

Just FYI…

You can get a brand new for about 2 grand WITH TRAMPA wand… Batteries aren’t 1.5k


For that price you can also get or




Yet another one :roll_eyes:


…and across the pond

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The classic mistake of assuming that you will get what you paid, when you overpaid


loooolll ill offer tree fiddy


it’s not even what he paid! brand new, with upgraded charger is 2200, battery is 400, and I know that bc I have one! Ah yes! and I got the Vesc Wand too!

Or Best Offer…

tree fiddy is the best offer I’ve seen so far, but it hasn’t reached my reserve. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

I’ll offer 1G. Let me know

I offer 1001.00 usd…


take it or leave it

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FUCK! I´M OUT!!! … Hate you rich boy!!!


you forgot the special upgrade to the case and exquisite workmanship of mounting it! :rofl:

https://forum./t/wts-complete-mountain-board-build-10s14p-550-plus-shipping/19315/29 Heres a board for 1/6th the price if anyone is curious


If you’re looking to sell the board(deck, wheels, trucks, bindings) separate from the tech, id be interested…

Omg! My board got plugged!!! Love it! It’s still available over there! Gets up to 29mph!