Trampa EMTB 6S/12S Chain Drive SK3 . 192kv (E-Toxx + Roxxy)


With the very good support from Jens (Kappel – nowind in this board) I was able to build my Trampa E-Mountainboard within the last few days.

My setup:

35º HOLYPRO TRAMPA deck (16ply)

  • VERTIGO Trucks

  • SUPERSTAR Wheels

  • RATCHET Bindings


  • TITANIUM kingpin

  • Heel Straps

  • 2x Turnigy SK3 6374 192KV Motors

  • 2x Roxxy 9120 ESC

  • Mini Remote from Hobbytech

  • YEP 12S SBEC from Hobbyking

  • E-TOXX Chain drive (gear ratio 1:6)

  • 6S / 12S Turnigy Lipo (4000 – 4500 mAh)

Weight: 10,9kg without Lipo (12,2 kg with 2 6S 4000mAh Turnigy Packs)

Since I am new to riding a Mountainboard (I started with a Mobo 800 this year) I am still riding on 6S with the setup. This leads to a VMax of 26,5 km/h on the straight and I habe a range of est. 8 km for 2 6S packs in parallel. (in sum 8000mAh, rest voltage 3,7V per cell)).

I finished my build last week and rode it for 50km by now. Big fun!! Thanks to Jens for the parts and the very good support during the selection of parts as well as during the building!!

Christian Koesters uploaded this image to

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Looks like a lot of fun.


Thank you very much for the positive feedback!!


In the meantime I added an Antispark device into my power contacts by soldering in two 33 Ohm Resistors in Row (see pictures), because the spark while connecting the 12s Lipo was a little bit scaring.

Further more I added in sum 5 low ESR Capacitors 63V in order to protect my ESCs against Voltage spikes.

The board drives really well on 12s… Big fun!!

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I acquired a selfi stick for my Xiaomi Yi!!

The result of todays ride in the Woods of Cologne Merkenich:

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So cool! What were the beeping sounds? Low voltage?

I assume it was the lipo alarm. Under heavy acceleration there is a voltage sag and they likely start to beep even if the battery is quite full :smiley:

Nice Chris. We have to ride together sometime.

Rear axle seems a bit loose on high speed or acceleration… Do you screwed in the adjusters a bit? It improves the stability a lot because the “dampa” is then in contact with springplate.

Keep on riding. Jenso


Yes the Beeping is my Lipo Warning device. It is set to 3.7V.

Thanks for the hint regarding the springs. I did not screw them in. I will try it out!

Riding together sounds great, I will check, if I can make it to one of your meetings in Duisburg.

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