Trampa EMTB 8072 Sensored Alien Motors with E-toxx Direct drive

First I just wanna thank whoever created this awesome site and for all the people who contribute their knowledge and ideas!! I’m starting my very first build and would like to share my experience with everyone here and hopefully help the next guy in line wanting to take on the very challenge of building their first board!! I’ve read and read and read a lot and still have so many questions! lol. Digging into the electronics of this has been the most challenging for me, just with the different options, connections, gauges, etc. Im getting a little older so its getting slightly harder to digest all this information at once so re-reading and watching videos is key for me! So lets go over the game plan and parts list I have or is on the way so far and maybe someone may see some design flaws or challenges I may experience and can help me before I get too ahead of myself lol. The idea and goals:

  • To have good torque
  • But to also be able to limit it and expand it as my skill level increases
  • Be able to go long distances when needed (30+ miles)
  • Be able to jump so top battery placement is a must
  • Go fast when needed (30+ mph)

Parts purchased:

  • Trampa MTB
  • E-toxx 80mm Direct drive 1:5 gear ratio
  • Alien 8072 sensored motors at 250kv
  • 2x Flipsky Fsvesc 6.6 no hw limit firmware
  • 12s8p 30Q battery pack
  • 10awg silicone wire, 5.5 gold bullet connectors, heat shrink, etc

Jens is working on my hanger as we speak, board and VESC’s are already in, motors be in Monday, spot welder, batteries and accessories within a week or two! First challenge is to see how Im going to mount the Flipsky Vescs to the board! They are already in their own little aluminum case with anitspark switch but I’ll have to build a little holder for them probably out of aluminum. Thinking of adding a fan to the enclosure just to ensure things stay cool. Anyone have any good ideas of a good VESC holder for Trampa boards? It’s hard to do right now cause I have no clue where the motors and Drives will sit after installation.

That’s it so far, I feel like I’m on the right path to meet all my goals. Anyone see anything that stands out that could be a problem?



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Not sure if accurate


How do you want to mount your battery. Under or over your board?

Up in thread it says I have to do top mount due to jumps brother. I plan on building a nice block like Jens did on his leopard 80mm build.

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Well i need to read slower. Missed the “top” word in that sentence. :upside_down_face:

I personally dont like top mounted batterys as it look really ugly with a big box on top of your board. Have you seen the enclosure that @Eboosted makes. I have just received mine and its awesome.

Yes I love the look of it but for my riding style its not functional. With Jumps your board is going to flex to the ground sometimes and landing on your battery pack is a big no no lol. Thats why the aggressive MTB riders have their battery boxes on top! Also I hate to be limited to a 5p configuration for now


Go lipo if you want that “kick”. I’m using 8085 top mounted with 12S lipo pack with fvt esc, that punch by the motor on every acceleration will scare the shit out of you. You won’t want to go back to any other “smaller” set up if you’re a torque junky.

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Oh man you have any videos? I was going lipo at first but decided for a longer lasting battery. Still going to get ~150 amps so its still going to provide a proper punch I believe!

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No, i never take any video when i ride, kind of difficult as i’m not used to the wheelies.

It really depends on which esc you go with. I couldn’t replicate the same “kick” on vesc because the FVT esc pulls a lot of amps on initial acceleration that the 150amps bms will kick in and cut power for half a sec, which was enough to stop the momentum of the acceleration. So my solution was to ditch the bms and only use it to charge. I use lipo alarm to check voltage levels instead and supply the esc with as much “juice” as it wants.

But ya, lipos are not good for longevity but they do provide the punch you’re looking for. My thinking is this, if you’re gonna build a proper torque machine, might as well go all out and leave no stone unturned.

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Have the mock-up for the Flipsky Fsvesc. Now I need to get some 1/8” aluminum plate to do the real thing. May wait until I get the drive system from @Nowind to make sure nothing gets in the way.

looking good man, I’ll keep an eye on this build so i know what i’m lookin at when we ride

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New motors are in!! Look at the size difference from my Evolve motor :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


ESC Sandwich is good (-: YAMI mounted my VESC this way too, but deeper on the Tip ( alot lower ) Why going this high?

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Omfg I can’t wait to see these beasts mounted up!

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hey @Nowind ur adaptor plats for the leapord motors… would those technically work for any mount if they had the 63mm mounting holes?

Hope you have more luck with that motor, than me and @DK-Odense :-/ We both got lot af stutter at certain rpm`s…

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did y’all have the AS5047 Encoder installed? or using hall sensors?

We tried, bldc with and without hall sensor, and foc with and without hall sensor. The problem did not disappear at any time.