Trampa EMTB 8072 Sensored Alien Motors with E-toxx Direct drive

Fuse and BMS ?

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Oh yeah I do have BMS coming and forgot to put that in there. I haven’t checked on fuse yet, probably a god idea!!

Question about fuse. If my battery has the max capacity of 160 amps, those Amps will be split into two Flipsky Vescs that can handle 150A Burst each, according to them. BMS is rated 150 amps as well. So what size fuze should I get and where should I put it? Thanks

I would advise to take advice from more skilled people around here. For me a 120A on the main PSU line did the trick so far. But you can put one on each ESCsince they’re supposed to handle this amount of current. To be checked that said.

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If you use a bms and a fuse you go double safety. If you choose the fuse to 150a I guess your bms will cut off before the fuse burn. Usually the fuse can handle the marked amps for constant current. Make sure that you get the right fuse to your voltage. Most car fuses 32V but there also 58V which would fit better for a 12s setup.

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@Silverline and I bought 6x 8072S - All failed :frowning:


When going for a fuse be sure to check the graphs at the manufacturers site, they show for how long what ammount of amps the fuses can take. For example, some can take the rated amps for 60s before melting, others can take rated amps for 0.1s before melting :slight_smile:

@Silverline @DK-Odense in the videos that sounds just like a resonance to me. With a bigger diameter bell resonance effects will be more pronounced. And I bet that the bell was not dynamically balanced. Then if you add the magnets at a slightest offset it will make matters worse. But it did not sound too bad at all, I think it should be usable if it is not shaking too much. Or is there something more I dont see?

Edit: I saw the vibration on the last video from DK-Odense… that sucks. Looks like the whole bell is violently vibrating.

@Risewithin Those motors look insane, jeebus. I am very interested to see how FlipSkys work out for you. And that battery… lawd almighty… This build probably costs like 2x more than my car :smiley:

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Yep - When the stutter/vibration kicked in at a certain level of RPM there was a loss in power, and you felt this very much riding your board. If the board was running smooth i could live with the sound, but there was a massive loss in power.


Sorry to go off topics @Risewithin.

What kind of gear drive are you using @DK-Odense? I see those Korean wheels gears alllllll the way back there :eyes::eyes::eyes:

Yeah technically for sure !

The Leopard copper fillment is really high, also the design is very sexy IMO. Have used them with AS5047 too, okay one Motor failed at some point, but i used the Leopard already since around 2 years…

Also interrested how the Flipsky work with the Alien !


Awesome, I may need to get them for my current build I’ll find out soon

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Thanks @Andy87 and @xilw3r for the fuse info!!

@DK-Odense oh man that’s terrible and has me severely worried. How long ago was that? Did you ever find the cause? Looks like the bell bowed at at its resonant frequency which makes sense with the loss of power due to the magnets being pulled away not making great contact.

@AlienPowerSystem do you guys know what caused this or a solution?

@Nowind hey brother will that drive system work with the leopards? Looks like I may have to switch if these Alien motors don’t work right.

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About 3 months ago.

We tried with different vescs and different setup/motor detection parameters. We ended up concluding that this motor just did’nt fitted for this type of task. Bruno from aps was super cool about it, and just said that we could send it back and we figure something out.

I have two 80100 running without probs, so it is not a “80 mm” problem.

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Nope, Alien APS 80mm has different Bolting Circle then LEOPARD

I used 8085 and 80100 APS Motors without any problems. Good Motors , Fair Prices, nothing to complain


Ok cool I’ll switch over to one of them if these don’t work out! Thanks brother!

I will try this one out next if this is a problem for me. Thank you!


Started working on the vesc holder. Will trim off the tail when I figure out exactly where I want it to sit.


Hey mate ! Massive beast coming here :yum: Just to report (what I could, and if it could help a bit), the noize doesn’t sound that bad on some video here … I mean its a “standard” from APS motor no ? The RSPEC got a special noize too at some rpm ? I admit that here it’s worse … your problem 3 vid is a bit scary.

Did you think guys this could come from the under-sizing bearing and all inside stator-rotor configuration make like 63xx motor? Opposite to the 8085/100 who got huge bearing inside and weight a lot more (I have dissected mine for a project not used yet, that what scared me a bit since this. And got an 8085 not set yet), it looks getting bigger/better quality and strongest conception … (IMO at 1st looking in hand). As bearing and also 10mm shaft against 12… for example. Did the high kV could be an issue on a big motor like this ?.. refound some old vid of my APS 63xx, sound a little bit like you :

Cool setup anyway ! :smiley: I will follow this crazy big toy setup !!

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Maybe. My bearings on 8072 was not smooth at all

I was more thinking about the size, and maybe the design and implementation of them : … just look stronger on the 8085/80100 one !

for the stator copper/wires, should we resin it ? I would like to upgrade them before to be disappointed :smile: ?!?