Trampa eMTB Goofy or Natural?

I’m about to build my Trampa eMTB. I am in the last stages of purchasing parts, normally I ride like Goofy, cause I like to push with my left. I can ride switch and with the neutral stance of a Trampa I’m thinking I could ride either way.

Do the guys that ride eMTB’s have a preferance, I could learn either if there was benefit. So what should I do?

  • Regular
  • Goofy

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& why is one better or should I stick with Goofy cause that’s how I ride a long(skate) board since I was like 8 or something?

IDK that one is better than the other. Just whichever you feel more comfortable with. Cool you’re able to switch things up. I’m goofy footed, and my switch is horrendous :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Supposed to be a must for kiteboarding which is going to be my next venture :grin: Gotta start working on my switch.

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If you are used to ride goofy, stay goofy. My cousin prefers regular but can only push with the left foot, so it’s always a mongo push :joy: I think you consider going with a single drive, right?

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You don’t have to put the bindings on if you don’t want to.

Yeah… nah… you would be more likely to convince me to try the MBS F5 bindings like @benjammin has on his board, they look plush. I want to get vertical and horizontal :sunglasses:

@rich Nah bro, I have a couple of 5hp Scorpion donks I’m going to run on this build.

There’s no right way or wrong way. It’s whatever you’re mine comfortable with. Some people would recommend goofy 'coz when you’re riding in the streets you’d be facing where the cars are at. I wish I could ride both. I need to work on that

Regular. Regular is the right way to ride.

But I’ve never done anything “Regular-Ordinary-or-Normal” in my life. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

It’s about time you do. Riding goofy. Friggin’ hippie.


Some people can ride both… but I’d ride the best position your most comfortable with.

I ride goofy… I can’t ride regular. I’d crash.

It’s just preference at the end of the day.

If you write better with your right hand, why would you write with your left and vise versa… Unless, your practicing to “learn” both.

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I’m regular and my switch riding is so-so, but I kind of wish I could ride goofy just for the fact that you can see cars and traffic better when you’re riding along a street or in a bike lane.

@Mobutusan Hahah that’s funny… I always thought that when riding with others who ride regular… lol Pretty much always have your back to the road.

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As an example: An argument can be made for some one who has a stronger right side to play golf left handed as more power is developed from the top hand, cricket is the same as are many other sports…