Trampa gummies, 6374 motors

I am in the SF east bay, my name is Jason , local pick up is all ways possible, I’m recovering from surgery so I can likely deliver if it’s no too far. I’m trying to get all the rules followed so mods don’t have to sigh and tell me to post pics and my location,as I should know better.

I just got this battery serviced by The REFaka Ted Christensen of Big Reds boards. He did a fantastic job and turned it around quickly all while fielding stupid questions from me.

I never managed to empty this battery ,it gets at least 50 miles Range in hills. There are 48 Samsung batteries in 2 levels for a total of 96 battery.17” long by 7.5” wide, 1.6” deep

600$ shipped to the lower 48 states. For those of you that love to send messages like “ I got 180$ “when the price is 600, I will say in advance thanks for the offer, but no. If you want to buy more than 1 thing we can talk,otherwise my prices are what they are. If the community thinks it’s too high I’m open to listening, however I consulted a reputable builder and member here who suggested the price after examining the battery in hand . For my part it has 15 charge cycles on it, I got if as a complete shop demo. I’ll be adding stuff to this add for the next few days. The trampa gummies ar 95$ a set shipped to the lower

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Typo error in battery description, it’s 50e not 40 e. Also I have a new spintend 75v/10o a dual esc, a new flipsky drive kit,6374 motors,mounts,15” double kingpin trucks,at wheels . I’ll sell the drive kit,the esc and the battery for 1050 shipped. The drive kit arrives today, I posted a pic of the kit,I’ll replace it with a real picture today. I’m working with Artem to build a board,he has convinced me to sell all my stuff so he can build a board,I don’t deserve and can’t use fully,but will love. How does he not get more attention?

The Mathec motors, make me an offer . I’ll be adding stuff to the add all week

I have the flipsky kit arrives today, I’ll sell the battery,flipsky kit and the spintend for 1050 shipped to lower 48 states. The spintend and flipsky are new, never plugged in, flipsky will come packed from factory. I have a lot more to sell but I have to get it back from Artem Monday. I don’t want to get in trouble with the mods. I’ll post quite a bit Monday, Deck,esc, another drive kit loads of wheels

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Trampa gummies new 95 a set shipped to lower 48. Black hub sleeves and front truck from Aeboard ax3 $100 shipped I don’t know why my helmet is in here it’s not for sale. 120mm cloud wheels 75 shipped.

Spintend with remote new 260 shipped. 6374 motors 100 shipped.

How much for the trucks?

Hell I don’t know, where do you live? Also I may have parts of the drive truck, I know I have the hanger and , 1 hub motor on it works. Let me know where I’d be shipping to

Battery, spintend and drive kit are sold