Trampa holypro 35 Ultimate trucks superstar hubs twin 6374

Hi Guys

I’ve just ordered a Trampa Holypro 35 degree Mountain board with Ultimate trucks, superstar hubs with road tyres. My plans so far are along the lines of E-Toxx mounts with chain drive, twin 6374 168KV or 192KV SK3 (or APS 6390 at 170KV) modified GT2B controller from DIY
The ESC and battery is where I get a bit stuck.
I already have 30 x 18650 cells (INR18650-30Q) which I can use but I am unsure if they will provide the discharge I require. I was hoping to run 10S or 12S 4P and would buy the extra cells that I require but as far as I can see they have a constant discharge of 15A and so would only give me 60A in 4P if I have worked it correctly? What discharge would I require to run these motors at full potential?
Also I didn’t really want to use a VESC as I have read a lot of stories regarding mountain boards and fried VESC so the next best thing I could find would be an Alien Power Systems ESC such as the evolution series with either 2 singles or a double ESC? Does anyone have any experience with these and do they last? How will this go with braking also?
Was thinking gearing would be around 12 or 13 motor to 60 wheel in order to get a top speed of around 40Km/hour
The other option is to do lower voltage and more cells in parrallel in order to increase the discharge to use these cells but from what I can see higher voltage is better?
Would highly appreciate any advice on which way to go.

A little bit hard to get through your text, although I would recommend to search through endless sphere forum, there are some folks who have not posted anything here but has offered plenty on info on there.

About the batteries. Won’t be able to recommend much. Try to ask in a battery related topic, as it is hard to grasp from the topic name, that you seek some suggestions / help with choosing a few piecies

Otherwise - Happy building! I hope it turns out good!

Hi Okami
Thanks for the heads up will do.

Having spoken to Jenso ( myself over the last month or so, he actually recommended going for a 6S setup as many of his customers wanting a smoother, consistent ride/experience from their Trampa boards really liked 6S. 10S or 12S is apparently mental and properly fast, if a bit sketchy if you’re not careful, haha!

2x 6S LiPos in Parallel will probably suffice, with 2x Hobbywing QUICRUN WP8BL150 BL ESCs.

That is what was suggested to me by Jenso. Ping him an email if you need further info: [email protected] :slight_smile:

Take some inspiration from my build! it has many of the same components! and feel free to ask me if you have any questions.

I used 2 TB ESC’s as VESC wont be ideal for mountain boards, they cannot handle the load.

Im using twin 6374 190kv

10s8p custom pack with BMS. (I also build custom packs for people so i can solve that for you if you need)

If you are interested I could build you a 12s4p battery with enclosure ready for the HolyPro 35.

If you have brand new 30 x 30q Samsung I could receive them as credit.