Trampa Holypro - E-Toxx - Build

Hey guys, thought I’d say hello here, and share my first build

A few months ago I’d never even heard of an electric mountain board! Then I stumbled upon this forum and endless sphere, seen some of the videos from @Nowind, and thought it looked super cool, so did some research and ended up getting a Trampa Holypro, an E-toxx kit and some Enertion 190kv motors (In hindsight I probably would have gone for something cheeper and available in the EU).

I’m Based in the Scottish Highlands in the UK, and have lots for forest tracks to explore with the the eMTB

Been riding for a few weeks and I’m totally hooked now!, and it just seems to get more fun as my riding ability improves

Spec: Trampa Holypro 15ply Ultimate Trucks Superstar hubs Enterion 190kv 6374 motors Hobbywing MAX6 ESC Gearing 9:50

Currently running 2x6000mah Turnigy A-spec 45c 4s packs in series, these seem to be holding up quite well, and get about 5 miles range riding quite fast. They are also pretty cheep in the UK just now £45 each

Did a short video last weekend, please excuse my lack of protective gear! I’m currently looking a good helmet before I start taking it on gravel tracks/forest. Soft grass only for now :slight_smile:

If anyone has any suggestions for a good helmet I would really appreciate it


Build looks good, if you want a decent full face helmet the TSG pass has been well received around here. Honestly don’t even step on that board without a helmet, people never seem to think about it until something goes wrong.

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ESK8 Porn.

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I use the Oneal Warp, fullface MTB helmet. But any helmet will be better then no helmet Bro. Shit happens so fast !

Nice video, amazing landscape !

My vote is for the Demon Podium helmet. I like the open face style. And the medium weighs exactly 2.0 lbs. Light as a feather, and super comfy.

i’m thinking about slapping one of @torqueboards kits on one of these this year.

Where do you put your packs? A lot of people put the box between their feet on top.

Also, where did you get the chain drive kit? Or did you mod some sprockets yourself?

I believe that the chains are part of the etoxx kit. He used to sell them, but he moved to belts (pretty sure).

Yes, they just go in between my legs on the deck (not in my pants! :smiley: )

Yes, the chains, spockets were all in the kit from Jens (@nowind) Im currently lusting over his new direct drive kit, but a new baby and house has got in the way of my plans for just now!

I have since got a Pelicase (1060) to hold my battery’s, my packs are a perfect fit (Turnigy Nano-tech A-spec 6000mah). I just run a short serial connection out of the case off to the ECS’s

Then the whole case is held to the desk with couple of large non-slip Velcro straps.

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Question, I see you have the antispark xt connector from hobby king, is it necessary when running the dual max 6 ESC, since they have switchs to turn off the ESC? My understanding was the anti spark was to eliminate the discharge of the capacitor when the battery was connected, but I assumed the switch stopped that?

Reason being is I have a hobby wing max6 ordered and it’s soon to arrive and could easily order the anti spark xt connector from HK.


No it isn’t necessary, the max6 have an anti-spark feature. I just used that connector as thats what I had lying around at the time

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