Trampa HolyPro question

Could anyone do a member a solid and make a paper template for me out of the top surface of the HolyPro?

I need to drill the truck holes with an older model 15 ply board which is also 35degrees (kitesurf probably)

I would also like to have a shot at trimming it down, Trampa says I will or could fail, but I would like to try, I have a jigsaw/holesaw and reasonable sense of humour.

You know just get a kids crayon and tape down a piece of paper then start wiping the side of the crayon on it, you know like old gravestones, doesn’t everyone do that?

Anyone with me? Come-on!


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What do you mean by the “top”. The top of the hanger or do you need the truck mounting holes? If you just need the mounting holes I can draw you up a printable CAD sketch of them

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If you go to our website (desktop), go to a vertigo truck, click on the manual tab you should find what you are looking for. Template 1:1scale, PDF format.


I meant to whole kaboodle, a 1:1 scale of the entire top (or bottom I guess) of the HolyPro deck

Thanks @trampa, that helps a lot, I will be at least able to mount the Infinity trucks to the old board :slight_smile:

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I can send you a scaled outline. No issue!



Hey Frank, that is mighty generous of you, I will send you a PM cheers.

You can have a good laugh at my expense eventually :slight_smile:


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You have any luck with this @banjaxxed? I’ve picked up a second hand mountain long board and much prefer the HS11 tips. Was thinking of taking a jigsaw with metal cutting fine tooth blade to it. The two seem to have very similar truck holes so I could get away with it.

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Not yet…on the backlist