Trampa holypro with backpack enclosure

This is my first time building a electric skateboard (mountainboard) so here is my plan: Deck: Trampa holypro Trucks: vertigo trucks Wheels: hypa mud pluggers Etc: vesc Motor: r spec 190kv Battery: 10S3P or 12s3P ( possibly Space cell4pro) Motor mount: Etoxx chain drive

Now my questions #1 is the etoxx drive system compatible with the r-spec and hypa wheels? #2 is the holypro deck to curved and flexible for the space cell and can the flex options be used to fix that problem( if that works then there is no need for the back pack enclosure ) #3 if the space cell won’t work could the stock enclosure be modified to fit in the back pack ( removing the esc and bms area) and would it get to hot in there

Also the back pack is here

Here are the dimensions of the back pack 19in. H x 12.5 in. W x 6.5 in. D

Spacecell4 pro is 23 in. H x 8 in. W x 1.2 in. D

Please tell me if I missed anything or if you have recommendations for parts or anything thanks

The space cell definitely won’t fit on a Trampa board, the curve would be too significant and I expect it’d be too flexible as well

@barajabali makes custom packs that can fit the trampa board (they are more block-like in shape so they aren’t affected by flex, and sit between your two feet).

They also have a BMS and all the other goodies of a space cell, in addition to having specs completely decided by you! I’d definitely hit him up for one


Thanks I will definitely look into that would the batteries be OK in a back pack though? Trying to stay away from electronics on the board cuz I’m in Washington and it rains alot

My enclosures would be fine with water. I actually use a water proof box. also, sometimes you will fall on your board and you wouldnt want to damage your cells if your entire weight fell on it