Trampa hs11 14ply or 17 ply

trampa is sold out of the 15 & 16 ply hs11 deck so I have to choose between 14 & 17 ply

planning on putting a 12s8p either underneath it in the new eboosted enclosure or just put an ugly box on top… i weigh 185 lbs

…which one should i get??

I like 190lb and wanted the 14 or 15 ply but they were sold out so I was told if I’d be fine with a 16 ply. Well that couldn’t have been more wrong. It was literally u rideable for me. The board was so stiff I had to jump on it in the center for it the flatten out straight. Ended up having to return it, which they weren’t happy about because even though I didn’t ride it once, just assembled it and stood on it over carpet, they said it was now a used item… So I’d be very sure about what you choose, cause like it or not, you’ll likely be stuck with it regardless. Now this is not to say these are bad boards. I think if I had gotten the right ply deck I’d of loved it, they are really a very high quality product, it’s just something to be aware of and certain when making your choice. Hope this helps.