Trampa Mini Trucks on ordinary longboard

Hi guys,

I’m updating my e-board for something that can deal a little bit better with anything but smooth road and I tested 7 inch tires on a cheap kiteboard. That gave me the desired off-road capabilities but the steering was super hard and the board heavy and unwieldy. I’m now trying to consolidate the benefits from my longboard with the offroad capabilties of those 7 inch air tires.

Has anyone ever tried mounting a Trampa Mini Spring Truck on an ordinary longboard? Do I need the angled ends that their carver board has? Can it fit 7 inch tires on a longboard deck?

Thanks! Julian

yes that´s possible to use the trucks on a regular longboard deck and yes you need a angle riser. if the 7" fit depends on the shape of your deck.

I think these work for that @3DServisas ?

Yep it works with the Fatboy angled riser.

I used full ATB Infinity trucks for my build, mini trucks should fit if your deck shape has clearance for it.

20181123_235010 20190208_160034

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Thanks @banjaxxed for the link! Those are quite expensive and I assume heavy though. I might consider to 3d print something like this.

@Linny What made you go for the full trucks instead of the mini one? Has anyone tried both and describe the difference?

I suspect that the main difference is in the handling. The minis probably have better carving ability and tighter turns due to the axle length being shorter. The full size trucks probably have better stability at high speed. There is some overlap in ability since both types can be set up to your liking using the proper bushings or barrels and springs.

I used a deck similarly shaped to the jet spud, so it was very wide. Mini trucks might have clearance issues so i went with the wider ones to be safe. 20181123_235206

Here’s the thread, I am not sure if the weight is for 1 or both parts. Aluminium 200-300g

Uniq boards used to do some as well but I think sold out. It’s the best solution to the goal you have. Buy cheap, buy twice

If you decide to print, make sure you can make a very strong part, it will need to be

Yeah, you are of course right on that, but since I’m merely prototyping to figure out what I wanna end up with, 3d printed is probably a good start :slight_smile: It will break pretty fast, but a test ride is probably doable.

Are you really using that board in your country? None of my business but maybe you are pushing It dude…

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Ive always wondered the same thing, haha

I mean, he could always say its just Kenaf leaves :joy:


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No problem with authorities so far. It’s an aesthetic thing if you ask me. I passed by some cops in a couple occasions and they complimented my board instead :joy: