Trampa monster box questions

Hi guys

I’ve purchased a trampa monster box enclosure and wiring kit.

I’ve got a couple of questions if you can point me in the right direction.

Where do the rubber grommets go in the photo below? There are 3 of them.

Also in one of the pictures below there is motor sensor cable extender made out of circuit board components, where would this go??

IMG_20190111_225218 IMG_20190111_225213 IMG_20190111_225131

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This link might be the answer to one of your questions:


The sensor extension goes into the channel on your deck (if you got one):


Hey bud :slight_smile: great choice. I’m seriously thinking about putting Monster Boxes on all my MTBs.

The rubber grommets are placed between the Monster Box and the Trampa deck :slight_smile:


The PCB is for the hall sensor cabling; very clever bit of engineering. It sits in the HolyPro35 eMTB deck which has a CNC milled cutout for cabling.

Hope this helps!


Ah thanks all. It’s a great bit of kit.

Next is to figure out whether to run cables underneath or over one of the foot bindings. :slight_smile:

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IMO, if you have the newer style holypro deck I’d go with the super clean looking option of running it underneath. I have the older style deck so my cables run overtop my bindings. It looks ok, but isn’t quite as clean. image



@xclr8r is right - I’ll never go back fwiw :slight_smile:


New holypro deck being the one with the cable run cut in? Mine doesn’t have that.

No it’s a different model. The usual holy pro is without cable routing channel.


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Ah right, how do you know if it’s the new or old version of the usual one you have?

Depends what you ordered. You can double check it on the trampa website

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Didn’t order the deck, got the deck pretty cheap second hand off some other guy

Than just look if you have a cable channel or not.

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Nope I don’t haha

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I second this



even have a thing if you have a 3d printer