Trampa motor mount

Who knows what is the distance between the holes for fixing the motor? Can I use SK3 Tutnigy 63mm motor?

What is the inside diameter of this bushing?

You need to ask Frank @trampa bro, if it is not on the web page. He knows all… I have seen plenty of sk3 63XX motors mounted on Trampa’s though. I’d be amazed if it didn’t fit.

edit: The Trampa page says it will suit 30-44mm motor mount diameter…

Pretty sure that mounting pattern will support all motor mounting options.

And the mount is suitable for any square and circular cross-section longboard trucks?

I’ve never used it bro so I don’t know what it fits… The page says it suits a Caliber II

Motor mount will fit Caliber II trucks. You can see it stated in the picture.

I’ll send you the dimensions tonight. Still on holidays and kids are jumping around me. You can mount most motors. 30-44. Should fit most trucks.



And I can used 66 tooth mountainbord pulley and superstar whell with Caliber II trucks and motor mount?

This motor mount is for 33 or 37 T wheel pulleys. No way to use it with 66T, also you can’t mount a superstar hub on longboard trucks. I think you need a street/urban carver :wink:

No you can’t. The axle is to short, truck is not wide enough. Wheel bite will be an issue, even if you manage to mount the wheel to a Caliber II.