Trampa mountain board build

hey guys, i have been looking into building a board (mainly for commuting to work so i can stop driving my truck) and i have been inspired by a lot of the builds on this page. I actually went to place an order for a board last night but after going to sleep and thinking about what i did, i decided to go ahead and try to build one instead that might fit my needs better.

Im definitely going to need help atleast with the electronic side of things as far as the vesc/esc wiring.

i come from an RC car background so I’m not completely new to the whole thing but now instead of moving a 10lb RC car i need to move 215lbs haha. also for the record i have ridden electric skateboards before, i have a friend that did a cheap build that came out halfway decent but is not what I’m looking for.

so here is my build idea and if anyone can help lead me to buying parts and help a newcomer id be greatly appreciated.

I would like to build a trampa/mountain board style commuter, it will most likely be 90% street cruising, i would like to try and get a 15 mile range with around 25mph (will not be going that fast all the time but would like the capability to do so) hill grade i will most likely be commuting up/down is probably around 20%, from what I’ve been reading, it seems like a belt drive would be better suited for my needs (i think) and probably a 12mm belt dual motor setup 6364 possibly? also my budget or ballpark range is around $1000.

i would love to build something and i enjoy things like this, i pretty much just need help with the parts list.


Take a look at my ‘Glory’ build. It is probably more suited to what you are looking for. Its significantly more than what your budget is, but a of that can be trimmed and some substitutes can be made as well.


I have a Trampa urban carver with @Nowind direct Drive motor mounts. 12s5p w tramp under battery enclosure mini vertigo for sale. Brand new never ridden.

Does anyone know if I can get 50 degree trucks to work on a 15 degree trampa holypro board?

Yea definitely giving me some ideas, and I’ve been able to talk to a handful of people already which has been great so far

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If you’re not too set on it, I would suggest going with a street board rather than a mountain board, simply because of your cost bracket.

It will be near impossible to hit that, even considering the price of the trampa board alone. My build is a street build, with 83mm clone wheels. I am using some Zippy packs from Hobbyking, and I get around 12 miles of range, depending on what speed and hills and etc.

I can go up any hill I want (I haven’t been conquered yet) and I’ve got a dual 6364 set of TB motors. So I believe you would be perfectly fine with that. I am only 150 lbs, but a few of my other friends who weigh a bit more, have no issues with the power either.

The extra cost for the 6374 motors is gonna hit your budget a little bit too, so I would probably just go with the 6364’s.

I’m in the process of working on a build for one of my friends right now that is close to your price range. Take a look if you’re interested. Full part list: Jalepeno Build

Left off that list at the moment: 12S charger, motor pullies, belts.

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Since I posted this and have been researching even more and talking with people, I have actually increased my budget closer to $1500.

With everything I have priced out right now I’m just under 1000. This would be for a street build since I grouped it all together with 50 degree trucks not knowing the difference between regular and mountain board truck degrees.

All I’m missing from my list is belts/pulleys, wheels/bearings, deck, electronic enclosure, controller, and battery charger.

If I continue with a mountain board build I would obviously need different trucks and motor mounts which will obviously change the current parts list price


i think i second that. my mountain board cost me 1600€ (~2000USD) and i allready bought every part on cybermonday which basicly saved me like me 400€

jsut make sure you buy some extra wide trucks so you could fit air tyres later and still do at least some off roading

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Oh yeah on the build I posted there we were gonna go for the extra wide in case of an upgrade to 6374, or pneumatics, and no wheel bite, and plenty of motor space… They’re pretty much just better lol

And yeah I probably spent 1400 on my street board overall. And I didn’t screw anything up either haha

Yeah that sounds more realistic to get a better board overall, even if you just put the extra into a bigger battery. 12 miles is good but I always want more.

As a second input, yes different trucks and stuff for a mountain board, and almost all the mounts for mountain board trucks are hella pricey. Real pretty but pricey.

Yea 12 miles is basically my minimum distance, more is better, and I can most likely save money if I make my own battery pack I’m sure, I have a 10s 5c 425wh battery priced out at $300. And yes mountain board motor mounts are pricey as I’ve come to find out hahha

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Did you mean to say 10s5p? I think that is a pretty good size, building your own battery can be fun and a good experience. If you did mean 5C you will probably need a bit more discharge rating than that

Yes sorry, 10s5p. Any recommendation on a tutorial for building my own similar battery pack?

Ok, so far I have ordered two 6369 200kv motors, two 50A maytech esc’s, controller, and motor mounts. I have a trampa board picked out, was going to get their infinity trucks but unsure if they come in pairs or not. Then I just need to find some halfway decent wheels, a battery and battery box and a pulley kit which I’m having trouble finding.

Just got the first piece of this electric puzzle! Thanks to @Rithblu I have some beautiful motor mounts for my trampa build.


Oh man oh man, got some more goodies in! My maytech 6369 200kv motors arrived along with my controller.

Motors are beautiful and the remote feels nice, doesn’t feel like a cheap piece of plastic. Thumb control has nice resistance to it.

Just waiting on my Vesc’s to come from maytech which were part of the order as well.

Thanks to @psychotiller for today’s haul.


Damn! Watch that mailbox

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Constantly watching! Haha

My trampa board came today!! Super stoked to get this!

Grabbed an hs11 electric deck, 66t wheel pulleys, and 14t motor pulleys from @trampa

Also got my red bushing inserts, infinity trucks, and hypa wheels with primo tires from @scramboards.

All of it came in the same box, is @trampa and scramboards connected somehow?

Oh well, but either way I cant wait to start building this thing. Just need to order belts and a battery box and need to wait for my vesc’s, and battery pack to arrive and I should be all set to ride once its all together!:grin:


The Hypa Hub is our proprietary Hub and Primo tires are also Trampa. Why do you think that Scramboards is involved? They purchased our gear in the past to make their boards. We do not supply them any longer.