Trampa mountain board build

@trampa not saying you guys are one in the same, but maybe just communicate with each other.

Because I ordered the deck, motor pulleys, and wheel pulleys from the trampa website.

Then I ordered wheels and trucks and spring dampers from the scramboards website. Now I have a complete board that came directly from trampa all in the same box

Because Scramboards has no stock (that sits on our shelves) and pushed your purchase through our website and entered your address as the shipping address. We have seen your order and the one from Scramboards and dropped it all in one box for you. You could have ordered everything from us in one hit BTW.


Ahh ok that makes sense and yes I know I could’ve ordered everything from trampa but I forgot why I actually bought separately. Oh well I appreciate the package delivery! Thank you

So got my board all together as a rolling chassis, started putting the motor mounts together from @Rithblu and lining things up. It seems that I might need longer spacers for the wheel pulleys, since the motor pulley touches the tire when I try to line everything up.

Any one have any input on this?

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It looks like there should be some kind of spacer between pulley and the wheel so it isn’t inside the tire circumference. And then of course the mount hast to be further away from the wheel.

I’m using the 17mm standoff’s that trampa sell for this hub specifically, but obviously it looks like I need to go with longer ones.

Weird that they aren’t long enough, but the tire is still hangig over the pulley a bit. Maybe you assembled something on the hups the wrong way around? Like the spokes? I don’t know if the Hypa spokes are sensitive to the mounting direction. Or did you somehow over-inflate the tire? (though i don’t really think that)

Trampas spacer 17mm spacer assume you are using their mounts (the motor pulley is further back so not touching the wheel). So yeah I’d say 20mm m4 spacer nuts (7mm OD/spanner to turn) :+1:t2:

The wheels were already pre assemble when I got them so that I’m not sure about. And the tires were also inflated as well, if anything they are under inflated.

That would make sense, I think I’m going to try and go with a 25mm spacer and see how that is, I’ll be able to flip the wheel pulley around as well if it’s slightly too long since the pulley is not symmetrical as far as center measurement to the outside. (As shown in this picture)

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Please measure the spacers and check the pulley orientation.

If you have 17mm spacers, you should be able to align it correctly.


Orientation of the wheel pulley is correct, I have not verified of the wheel pulleys are in fact 17mm or not.

If everything is correct I might try the 25mm spacers and flip the wheel pulley orientation to keep it as close to the wheel as possible

The Pulley is wider than needed, so you could also move the mount a bit further apart.


I think I just realized what I messed up on. I bought pulleys for an urban carver when I should have bought pulleys for a mountain board. I didn’t even realize there were different pulleys!

All good, the pulley is the same for all because both have Hypa or Superstar hubs :grin: I have Trampa pulleys and mounts and had to add a washer between spacer nuts and pulleys (2 would even be better) and the belt is still very close to the tyre, maybe 2mm but it works. You could try that, quick fix!

The pulley is the correct one! Might be that you go the 15 instead of the 17mm spacer. Sure the pulley is not reverse mounted? That steels 4mm I added the offset to allow adjustment of the centre.


Your going to need at least 5mm spacing between the hub and pulley, then you you can adjust the mount accordingly.

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Hmm then I need to double check the spacers. The pulley is NOT reverse mounted. It’s in the position that makes it further from the wheel hub. But when I get home I’m going to check everything and take measurements

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Ok so just going over some measurements. I have about 15mm of room for the motor mount to move around.

@trampa I do also have the correct 17mm spacers (might be hard to read my old but trusty caliper) so obviously those are correct. And like I stated earlier I am using the correct orientation of the wheel pulley.

Also I finally received my vesc’s today from maytech! Thanks again @psychotiller

Got my 10s5p battery pack the other day from @diyeboard and got my canbus connector from Adafruit last night. (Going to have to cut off two wires)

Went with this battery pack from @diyeboard because of the overall size. I’m trying to keep all the electronics in on enclosure at the back of my board and I think this will help a lot with trying to keep size down.

Also ordered a couple belt sizes today which might not get here till the end of mar but we’ll see, I ordered two 390x15 belts and two 400x15 belts to see what might work best. I measured 385mm but I figured I’d go longer so I can run the motor in and add an ilder pulley should I want to go that route.