Trampa Mountain Board Pro Drive vs Kaly NYC Xl40

I am looking at getting a new board to replace my evolve GT with LHB mod. I use it to commute to work, I like to carve a lot and I recently started riding single tracks around here that are a bit rough. I want to be able to carve hard and handle rough terrain and I want a lot more battery. Has anyone ridden both a trampa mountain board and a kaly? how do they compare?

Btw I put fre board s2 bindings on my evolve (amazing) and definitely want bindings on my next board

If you’re in the EU get trampa and if you’re in the US get kaly. The import taxes make each one less worth in their non regions.


Id like to hear some more on this i went to my cart to check out and the Trampa is still cheaper to ship over to the US. Kaly at checkout is $3600 and Trampa board (including upgraded charger and pre order of new Trampa wand, and a few other add-ons) is still only $2500 (without batteries). The kaly I would need to spend money to buy bindings and mounting hardware. I also want a second set of rims and wheels so i can have an off road and on road set up, the kaly rims are more $$ too. The kaly board is so beautiful and I think I would like the deck a lot, i like spring carvy decks and I don’t know how the Trampa urban carver compares to the mountain board. (kaly i thinks still starts with urban carver deck) Is the kaly worth the extra money? Does anyone have and experience on both boards to compare?

I have a new 12s8p trampa with 8” AT wheels for sale

There is no world where a Trampa is better than a Kaly 2.0. @Kaly took everything that was wrong and/or mediocre about the Trampa deck and hardware and made it usable and better.


What are the differences ? I obv see the deck has been improved for the carving experience, but other than that what are the other improvements ?

It’s much wider and has nice foot pedals to lock you in and give some leverage. Trampa decks are fairly narrow and that can be annoying if you don’t have bindings.

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The deck is wider, has added concave, is more flexible while maintaining a higher strength. The helical gear drive system that @Kaly has engineered is elegant and strong AF, there is 1 or 2 options that are as good, none are Trampa manufactured. Kaly’s wheels are far superior to as they are precision milled and work flawlessly with his drive train, true precision. Batteries are batteries as long as they are built well and you are considering like to like cells.


Has anyone had any experience using any of the new kaly 2.0 boards off-road? I don’t mean just dirt roads either. Tougher trails with big bumps, roots, etc. I want to set some threads into the deck to put on easily removable bindings. I worry about having the batteries under the board too, is the enclosure pretty tough ?

Would also love to hear answers to jaygorton’s questions. I’m having a hard time deciding between kaly and trampa as well, and the off-road is one of the major reasons.