Trampa mountainboard where to start?

Hi guys,

I am planning to do a Trampa build, however, I am not so sure where to start with so many options to choose. I thought about buying the deck, trucks and bindings from Trampa and use the Evolve GT AT conversion kit. I weigh around 65-75 kgs. According to the flexometer, I should stick around with either 15 or 16 ply??? Does that make sense? And is the MB 35 Holypro a good choice?

Thanks heaps!


get a complete MTB from @trampa. If you have any questions ask Frank for advise, he´ll help you out. After that get a motor mount from @Nowind, @esk8, @torqueboards, @Idea or someone else. Think about which power system you like to use. For example a 8s lipo + Hobbywing Ezrun max 6 and two 6374 motors is common. Other option with a bit of tinkering is a vesc and 10s or 12s system (maybe you´ll like to wait a bit for the vesc 6 which should be much better for an eMTB than the 4.12 is atm). I also recommend to search for a few builds here and see if you like some of these and rebuild one or a part of one.

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Thanks for the advice! I would like to use two Aliendrivesystem 6374 170KV (sensored) or so combined with a 10s4p LiIon pack and either VESC 6 or VESC-X but I have not checked all into detail. Will design and built my own motor mounts (have access to corresponding power tools)

a 10s4p will sag pretty hard under a mountainboard system. It consumes much more power than a streetboard. So aim for 10s8p at least to get a decent powersupply. The bigger, the better.

got a group buy on Trampa MTB compatible mounts that could be one of your options; but DIYing all yourself is way better than any of these options. I’m going 12S4P on my upcoming Trampa based build.

No worries, I enjoy doing this otherwise I would by them off-the-shelf. Give the board some personal touch :slight_smile:


Am considering one myself - am based in brisbane. have your people call my people.

I just don’t understand why an Evolve GT + AT wheels runs with a 10s3p or 10s4p pack whereas a Trampa (or similar) mountainboard would require at least 10s8p??? This will end up in a way too heavy board!

If you wanna run a lightweight like the gt, you´ll be able to run over flat grass or uneven paths and you´ll be mostly fine with a 10s4p. If you wanna go mountainboarding, offroad and wanna get dirty, you´ll need more juice :wink:

Sydney streets are terrible, need the wider trucks + off-road wheels. I am not planning to do proper mountainboarding. Cheers!

@okp could you link me that group buy? @everyoneelse you know source for wooden MTB decks and/or orange (not red) tires?

You won’t be able to use the Trampa Vertigo trucks with the Evolve AT wheels, the Trampa trucks hace 9.525mm axle the Evolve has 8mm axles as regular trucks.

You will need to use special bearings like R6ZZ if you go with street wheels.

So I’d suggest you get the complete trampa board and trucks and use only the Evolve tires, but at this point you better get the Hypa Wheels

Thanks! I noticed that already. Seems like Trampa sells pulley kits as well :smiley:

sure, just check on or the thread I created but for some reasons people are not able to reply; that’s not critical as we can always manage it by PM or wherever !

for the wooden decks, you can get some at Flame or at Collab (check google) both are kind of “root” brands and provide dope quality as trampa does.

This one? Is it 75€ per mount or set? What material is it?(i see its alu) And it’s rigid without crossbars? I dont like crossbars:)

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works ultra fine. AL7075 - really strong - black anodizing. Reversible. You can see them in action in all my videos on the Instagram @ESK8FR