Trampa MTB conversion to 4WD- possible?

Hi Guys, I’m new here and this is my first post.

Just got my Trampa MTB today and here is The specs and some pictures:

1 x Electric Mountainboard EXTERNAL Helical Gear Drive - VERTIGO
. : 15ply 35º ELECTRIC Deck - FIRM . : BRONZE with Black logo VERTIGO Baseplate . : Powder Coated BLACK Springs . : **YELLOW DAMPA’s - 65a Easy . : **HELICAL CUT Gears . : **6376 160kv TRAMPA Motor . : 5 Spoke 9 Inch Deep Dish MEGASTAR Rims . : MATT BLACK 9 Inch Deep Dish MEGASTAR Rim . : BRONZE Anodised Spokes . : BLACK 9 Inch Striker Tyre

I ordered the 6+6 HRBs 22ah and I’m still waiting for them to arrive.

Looking at it now, it seems that this board can be modified to a 4wd board by replacing the front with additional motors mounts and add the beast box with 2 additional VESCs. Finally the motors rotation can be inverted in vesc, so the front with the beast box will be the rear drive and vise versa.

It sounds too good to be true for me and I appreciate any feedback.

With money, it’s all possible!