Trampa MTB - IKEA-edition | E-TOXX Direct Drive | TB 6374 190kv | MAX6 ESC | 8s Lipo |

I wasn’t going to post a buildthread, but i figured Swedens first trampa should have a thread :sunglasses:

This is my first DIY e-board, I currently ride a Carbon GT which was starting to become a bit boring and after reading this forum for a couple of months I decided to go with the Trampa.

Board - Trampa Holypro 35 / Vertigo Trucks / Superstar wheels / Green dampas

Drivetrain - Torqueboards 6374 190kv / E-TOXX Direct drive

Electronics - 2x MAX6 ESC / 4x Gensace 4000mah 60c / Torqueboards ON/OFF switch with antispark / 2.4ghz mini-remote with reciever

The Trampa arrived

And the batteries also, Gensace 4000mah 120c max discharge.

The motor has to be modified to be able to work with the direct drive.

The shaft has to be shortened and the pulley aswell.

Because of the modification of the gear the setscrew was removed and I used Loctite 638 to fix it to the motorshaft.


Countersunk the screws to be able to mount the ESC and Traxxas enclosure on top.

The B&W type 500 was a good fit for the batteries.

Exhanged the connectors on the batteries for XT90s

On/Off switch placement.

Mounted the ESCs and the Traxxas Box with duotech cardboard tape.

And that’s how far I’ve gotten so far, waiting for some XT90 connectors for Parallel and serial connection of the batteries. I should be up and running in two weeks. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::sunglasses:


How is that pulley fixed to the motor shaft without any set screw and only loctite. I hope i misunderstood that…

Only loctite, the 638 is industrial stuff made for retaining things like bearings and such to motorshafts.

And also, @Nowind said screws are for pussies… :wink:

Haha IKEA build is big Fun :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Yeah i was not aware of this kind of Motordesign with this 10mm/8mm Motorshaft… will inform customers in the future about this complication

Yes i glue my pulleys most time with this Loctide stuff only… i go with Loctide 603 As far as i know these guys use Loctide only too : @Duffman @okp

Cheers Jenso

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Very nice and clean looking. Also eyeballing that E-TOXX drivetrain now :sweat_smile:

Do you have any idea what the topspeed/range will be?

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For future reference, the Loctite 603 and 638 is pretty much the same. 638 is a bit thicker and more sensitive to contamination such as oil when it’s applied but works on a wider gap span.

@Yecrtz You should get it, the build quality is excellent and Jens has great support if you need it. And it looks awesome :sunglasses:

I have no idea what the range will be, this is a 8S2P configuration and not really made for range. I’m hoping to get 30 minutes of hard offroading. Haven’t calculated the top speed but probably 35-40km/h.

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Wow that is crazy never heard of only loctite. I wouldnt trust it not to spin around the shaft with so much torque on my mountainboard. I feel better with set screws and loctite together.

@sMATTEr I have plenty of broken motors who’s stator came loose from its press fitting with loctite. They never last long. The only motors i have still alive are sk3 because they have 3 screws holding the stator from spinning.

@Nowind have you marked the shaft and pulley and checked if it moves even a little after a ride?

You are ofcourse right, I would also use a setscrew and Loctite but because of the weird motor design this was the solution I chose. I’ll mark the pulley and gear up and see if it moves after the first ride.

They are two options with Loctide only : 1: its fixed and will not move 2: its loose from my expierence nothing between

As i told you if you got any problems with Loctide only i make you some pulleys with the Setscrews between the thooth…

No problem at all (-;

I use loctite pulley retainer 620

Yeah I know Jens, I’m sure it will be fine. If I know myself, and I do, I will probably experiment with different motors and change the setup :roll_eyes::smile:

It’s aliiive!

Couldn’t get the remote to pair to the reciever though, probably made some rookie mistake, will make some extensive research and try again :roll_eyes::wink:

Edit: Just watched dexters video on how to bind the remote, missed to turn the remote on/off when pairing :roll_eyes:


Got everything running, I’m gonna add some mesh and shrink to the cables running to the motors and re-do the wiring from the esc, looks a bit sloppy.

Other than that, it’s a monster. My Carbon GT is a toy compared :sunglasses:


And also shoutout to @nowind for hooking me up with special gears made for the motor. With keyway and setscrew. That’s customer service :+1:t2::muscle:t2:


how are those motors? im buildin a near identical setup currently. whats your top speed?

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I have no idea, these bindings are scaring the shit out of me so I haven’t pushed it too much yet. :roll_eyes::wink: But the power is there for sure.

Had a nasty crash last night, broke my Ruroc and fucked up my back pretty good. My wife freaked out. So. I’m selling. The board is in pretty much mint condition.

For sale 1400€

Ohhh no Dude … what da fuck is happened ??? What is ruroc ??? Shit

Argh dude :frowning:

Did you crack your helmet open?