Trampa MTB Motor Mounts (worldwide shipping)

Brand new, never used aluminium motor mounts for Trampa mountain board trucks.

Comes with all fittings.

£70 + shipping

I can ship anywhere in the world but you pay for it :wink:

Payment by PayPal. I’ll ship the same day if before 3pm.


UNIK if I’m not mistaken look good and great price


Have identical mounts been tested hard? They seem a little fragile in the middle…

I’ve not tested but I believe Unik have tested them pretty hard :confused:

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hehe great, in fact this is not UNiK but it’s more okp; I did that two years ago as I wanted to learn 3D and have fun on my own mounts. Then I created UNiK and redesigned my own parts starting from the blank page. These are AL7075. For the testing, they have performed pretty well in many conditions. For UNiK, I completely changed the design as I wanted to get the best footprint/minimalist but solid and flawless design whenever possible. The “f” come from Forum Snowboards as I was about to create Frame, which is basically what it is. A frame. Always been fan of Forum Snowboards before it went into all this burton mainstream nonsense. That’s the story behind them. Cheers!


Do you still have these?


Sorry, these are now sold…