Trampa new MegaStar hub - more info?

It seems @trampa is releasing a new hub. Do we have more info? Its only in the wheels front page, theres no extra info.


Called the MEGASTAR, fully CNCed hub that is compatible with Superstar spokes, pulleys and gears.

-Will also hold bearing conversion part for 608 skate bearings (offset and centre set available). -Can be counterbalanced for perfect round spinning. -Can be screwed together for wheel disassembly from drive train without deflating the tire. -Polished aluminium or black anodized aluminium -Super light for max performance -Perfect for gear drives since highly accurate round spinning guaranteed. -Very sexy


Why u do this, i bought rims recently and now im going to buy more :frowning:

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@trampa whats the total hub weight? could not find in the website.

Was kind of hoping you could release a 9" hub with the same hole pattern as the superstars (and a 9" mudplugger)


The following items are Included in this purchase… MEGASTAR Rim - Matte Black Alloy Superstar Rim Extruded T6 Aluminum BLACK Anodised Spoke - CNC Precision milled Super strength Dupont NYLON Spoke Support Spacer. M4 x 40mm Socket Capped Bolt - Marine Grade Stainless steel M4 Nut - Marine Grade Stainless steel Nylock Nut Counter weight bolts Counter weight Nuts Weight: 291g

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In production mate.


But it is still 4 piece design, right? Because that’s the main issue with accuracy…

All milled to .0x tolerance mate. These spin perfectly round and fast and can counterbalance any tire/valve wobble. And the colour combos you can make - beautiful! And no need to deflate your tires when taking them off the drive.


Tolerance is all good but in the end it will depend on person assembling them. It is already hard to bolt them together so that gear/pulley wouldn’t be pulled to one side too much :slight_smile:

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Also CNC wheels will not help if the axles are like this:

EDIT: BTW its NSK bearing not Trampa :slight_smile:


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Mate honestly, if you want to advertise your products do so, but not by pointing your fingers at other vendors products telling they are worse than yours or not of a good quality. This is first of all shady and second of all a case of comparative advertising. And I would be very careful going that direction because it is in most cases illegal.


I think you need to push harder image


Where did I advertised? I just pointed out issues which need to be fixed first :slight_smile:

Also I said its hard to bolt pulleys and gears to be flat with 5 bolts (same issues on our wheels too) and multi part design just increase issues.

If you think this advertisement then think like that, our products depends on your products and these issues causes issues for us too so it is more better for us if you fix them.


Because most common issues with gear drives in general on Trampa:

  • Wheel gear not sitting flat on wheel hub because its hard to make it flat as 5 bolts tension each side differently (We tried to solve this with aluminium inserts but still not 100% fixes issue as multipart wheelhub compresses on each side differently)
  • Axle play which lets wheel move ±1-2mm to the sides which angles wheel gear and causes alignment issues.
  • Hanger end size varies by like 1-3mm in width x height. There was some of them which even had axles not in the same place as other hangers.

If you want to be still in the game fix these issues otherwise makers will start make their own stuff like for e.g. @Kaly as he made own hangers to mitigate those issues. Or then again cry that people copy you and advertise stuff in topics related to your stuff.


All sorted mate! The new stuff is precision made A-Z. Everything aligns beautifully. CNC love everywhere. There is no need to fix anything. Precision hangers, hubs, hub adaptors & gears all come together as if they are one solid piece. Conical clamping alignment of the drive guarantees absolute precision in the system.

You haven’t seen or touched our new stuff yet - precision everywhere.


Will see, because I am tired of helping people solve issues which your old/new “precision” has given us.


@trampa So people like me, with superstar wheels, can buy these “megastar rims” and re-use the original superstar spoke ? Any changes to the new spokes ? Do they fit the bearing better ? Without any Play, like the old one has?

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it seems different to fit exactly on the new rim square…but will let @trampa answer

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