Trampa ran over by car

So, this happened just now.


4x4 ran over my board while I was standing still. The guy bolted, but I got his license plate. Police got me the contact details of the individual and we got in contact. Now have to figure out the damage involved.

Spacer between the hubs and the wheel is bent. Is this the correct replacement?

I could not find a replacement for the 12mm solid axle. Are they even sold separately? How difficult is it to remove these anyway, especially when bent? Removed the grub screw, but there is zero movement in it.

One half of the plastic wheel hub is also damaged, one bearing is snapped. I can’t get the wheel off at all.

@rich @trampa Best cause of action? Rich, you probably dealt with this before.



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wow luckly there did not happen more. I think you need to get a completly new hanger. :frowning:

Why not just get the hanger replace as well? Don’t think they sell axle alone

Loctite probably :smiley:

I would just get an entirely new truck. If you’ve come to an agreement, the guy who ran over your board should be paying to set things right. You shouldn’t be spending any extra time trying to fix anything thats broken because of his mistake.

If the nuts or other stuff broken too, you need to order it extra. The hanger comes just with the hanger :sweat_smile: no nuts no plastic parts

OK, thanks for all the replies.

New hangar it is along with all the spacers, superstar hub & bearings. Since I can’t remove the wheel at all, the tire and inner tire is also useless.

I would just get him to replace the whole hangar, wheel, spacer and all. even if you were able to replace the axle, you dont know what micro fractures could have been created throughout the whole hangar.


Man that sucks but glad you are ok. Did the car ran over this one wheel only or the deck, too?

I would further inspect the baseplate and if the kingpin is bent.

Did you deflate the wheel and remove all screws? Then you should be able to remove the single parts (at least in theory)

Damn man, sorry about your loss

The board itself is fine.

The kingpin appears to be straight, so it’s just the hangar itself. I tried pulling the wheel apart (tire is deflated, screws have been removed) but it simply won’t budge. It looks like the bearings are pushed outwards with allot of force due to the bent axle, keeping the two halves in place.

One of my worries is that the old bushings won’t fit if just replace the hangar. :confused:

Hacksaw the hub and get your tire and tube back

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Get a new truck and new wheels and let the guy pay for it. Its safer to replace the entire front incl. wheels. You never know if there are some cracks you can’t see.


Here is the funny part btw. The guy’s surname is Trampler…I kid you not.


Trampler who likes to Trample Trampas? Too good to be true :smiley:

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wheres @rich?

I think you have a challenger :laughing:


I have to change my pants, this was too much :rofl:

What a irony, the name makes even sense in english and german


Court case No. 13445 Mr. Telnoi vs. Mr. Trampler

Judge: What happened?

Telnoi: The hit-and-run driver Mr. Trampler trampeled down my trampa for tramping like a tramp and ruined parts of my trampa.

Judge: Come again?

Telnoi: I have serious wheel tramp on my trampa wheel because the tramp Trampler trampeled my trampa including hit and run.

Judge: Excuse me?

Telnoi: Maybe Trampler has a tramp stamp that’s why he trampeled but as said before he trampeled down my trampa like a tramp. My left trampa wheel is stuck on trampa hanger with massive wheel tramp now

Judge: ???


its just MS paint but


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the axle is probably loctited in, you should just get a whole hanger and the wheel and make him pay for it

I also think it’s better to get a new hanger or even better one full truck and let this guy pay it.

For the shaft it’s only pressed inside. If you losen the scrup screw and have the right tools you can get them out. I once got a hanger where the shaft wasn’t fixed at all and when I tried to remove the nut the shaft turned. I glued the shaft with loctide 670 and tightened the scrup screw after that the shaft sit perfectly.

If I understood it right @Kaly s new rims or gear drive need a 10mm shaft for that you also need to change it. If it would be a big hassle I think kaly wouldn’t use a different diameter.