Trampa schtampa / 3D printed covers for Holy Pro

Unfortunately the lovely trampa HS11 is discontinuing in production. And unfortunatelly the Holy Pro comes only with holes in the deck, which isn’t that great if you want to mount your batteries under the deck. Today I had 5min to design an easy cover for the holes. They 3D printed in 10min and can be glued easily inside of the holes.

image image

If somebody interested PM me your e-mail and I will sent you over the stl file.


this must have been a huge pita to model


Glad to see you’ve done it @Andy87!

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:joy::joy::joy: hours of hard work man…sleepless nights…you can´t imagine!


Why don’t you put the files on thingiverse as well? Would save you some hassle from sending the files to all the people

don´t have an account there and was too lazy to make one :sweat_smile:

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:joy: im very impressed though, well done

do you use tpu to print this?

no, petg. it´s also just 8mm so you can seal it from the down with some silicone.

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