Trampa SHREDDER | 11S8P | HolyPro 35° Mountain | E-TOXX Mini Dual Direct Drive | Dual 6374 150kv Unikboards | Dual FSESC6.6 Plus |

This is my initial post about my next build and I want to ask, if I forgot something or I have to change some parts.

  • Board: 16ply HolyPro 35° Mountain
  • Trucks: Infinity Hangers Black
  • Wheels: 8" Megastar Hubs
  • Battery: 11S8P Samsung 30Q 864 Wh
  • VESC: Dual FSESC6.6 Plus
  • Motor: Dual 150kv Streetwing sensored motors
  • Transmission: E-TOXX Mini Dual Direct Drive
  • Protection: TSG Pass Helmet and minor stuff

Total cost: about 1800 € with a open end

Let the journey begin…

very informative post, hard to bask in all the detail. Gimme an hour or two and I might respond after reading it all


I look forward to seeing how you manage to fit all those batteries to the board. Are you thinking top or bottom mount? I’m going with a 12s7p bottom mount on my Kaly, which is quite similar

Is this sarcasm or irony or that your post is meant serious. It will be a project for the next year and I wanted to collect some Opinions about my build plan. I’ll print the enclosure stuff myself. @anon64938381 The pack will be top mounted. 80 cells are alot. I’ll be going for 30Q or VTC6.(Not quite sure yet). And for the bms, it will be a charge only.

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go watch @BigBrit videos on youtube. Hes basically built what you are trying to do here.


That was my inspiration, but was also thinking about 11s(coz this is rare on builds). For the enclosures, I’ll design something with my own touch.

Look forward to follow your progress :slight_smile:FB_IMG_1559861686756 might change things on mine depending on your take on this


Both. well the thread had literally 3 sentences when I posted, no list, no nothing.

If you want comments try to specify what you expect in terms of performance such a range, speed, current draw, where you intend to use it, etc. Then it would be easier to fingerpoint to where there might be a flaw or not.

image That is my expectation for the speed of my build. For the range I expect 50 km of range and I will shred mostly of the time through the woods and sometimes on street. Black Forest FTW. From this pack I could draw 60 amps per motor.