Trampa skate truck

Has anyone got any new or second hand trampa 12mm skate truck for sale ???

I haven’t but if you want it for esk8 I would recommend channel trucks, I’ve read several times that skate trucks (with bushings) shall not really be the best for that,

Its for an electric skateboard that i made but i want to put mountain trucks on it so i can put propper tyres on this the 20050 ones as where i live the only way to describe the road surface is s**.

Ok, understand. If you are not going too fast it could work. But you should use angled risers for proper steering (15 degrees) but if it’s a skateboard and no longboard you can mount it at the angled ends. Maybe the cheapest is to buy a used mountainboard on ebay and use the trucks and wheels. Good Luck!

No its a longboard i thought i might need a rised angle thingy but i have same motor and similar gearing and speed controller ect on a scooter i made and that will do 40mph.

40 mph with MTB skate trucks :astonished: hope you wear some safety gear :wink: I just say speed wobble…

Yeh :joy:doubt i will need to go that quick my board does 30mph atm and i get no speed wobble but the vibrations make my legs go numb after ten minutes :joy:


You have a long board and just want to be able to run pneumatics?

If thats the fancy term for the 200*50 tires with innertubes yes

just means full of air (under pressure) or gas bro

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Thankyou for helping

Who sells these as i can not find them anywhere

If you are after Trampa gear, just buy it direct…

and if you are after angled risers @okp is about to get some made up. Search for his thread.

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Will do thankyou i spent ages looking for them on trampa but couldnt find any