Trampa Snow/Ice Chains

Hey guys, so you’ve all been asking me for info on my snow chains. I wanted to get some real world snow testing before I started selling them. My results speak for them selves. I used to never ride my Trama out in the snow/ice because i would always find my self on my ass and a sore tailbone for the rest of the week. These chains are second generation and they work perfect. This is not a beta release or a test. These chains are proven and work perfectly in ice and snow.

There is a slight lead time hopefully 2 weeks.

You get (4) chains for 8" tires. They come with a mesh bag for easy drying. Price is $250 plus shipping. Or you can buy just (2) for $150 plus shipping


I thought you were just joking! these are sick! :sunglasses:


haha i do not joke my friend! Thanks

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Any video to go with these - pretty badass (80s term for really cool)


Would also love to see some trampa going crazy in the snow! :wink:

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Yeah subscribes. Cant wait for a Video @barajabali Cheers

Now in stock! Video coming soon

is it just my or is $250 a bit over price a few years ago i made some of these for my traxxas stampeded
the total cost was 14 euro but mabey its just me

kinda … You can buy these exact chains made for bicycles… at $90 for a set

I think he will lower the price at some later time :smiley: this was just a little show off, for anyone who wants chains, just to grab them! Im sure he makes them in limited quantities… (and perhaps dont have a stock at the same moment of purchase… ) -

So the price was kind of okay… for those who really wanted at that time…

I suggest you make them yourself and then let me know how it goes. @solarcross @mountainboardlover69 this isn’t a toy, making chains that can withstand your body weight is more challenging.

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Actually I dont need to make them myself, Im sponsored by who has been building these exact chains since atleast 2011 and makes custom sizes…

Purchase it from them

Are you still selling these chains @barajabali?

I can get you a set if you’re interested in some.

Yes I am, whats the price on these?

Depending on the price, I might be intresting in a set aswell

@Nate @L3chef

250 for all 4

£$€? 10 char Eidt. Usd allright. A bit deep for my pocket atm. But we are 2 months away from winter. So I might get back to you then

okay no problem :slight_smile:

I may do a group buy if more than a couple people are interested to bring the price down.