Trampa Solid Carve Deck

Hello, I am going to build with a Trampa Solid Carve Deck and I would like to create a 3d model of it to design my own battery enclosure, either 3d printed or out of fiberglass and I was wondering if anyone could tell me the dimensions of the deck are or if anybody has a model already designed up could you post the file on the forum?


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at least try to search??? Searchmoar


I had seen that on thingiverse, I liked it a while ago. I wanted to design my own based off of the components I am using.


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It fits the same deck. The HS11 is 200mm at its thinnest point, and the carve is

around that as well.

Heres the enclosure from eboosted that I was going to buy for my Urban Carve. image

8 cells = 144mm

Assuming theres at least a cell of overhang for you to bolt your enclosure down thats looking at around 184mm, and then add the extra horizontal interior space needed for shrinkwrap and fishpaper. +10mm

~200(slightly more than 194mm) in total, so you can use it, or even print your own version of this with a slightly slimmed down waistline.

or you could even ask @ eboosted himself

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Thanks for the info

you can always find some more details about the deck dimensions on the trampa home page under HQ and than manuals or somewhere around that.

I will do that

Sorry I had not explained well enough, I was wanting to make the lowest volume enclosure, i wanted to see the angle of the deck curve for the Trampa Solid Carve Deck. I wanted to conform a enclosure to the flex of the deck and needed some more measurements than what is on the Trampa website.

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