Trampa spur : screws are blocking the motor

hi guys, first time here, here’s a weird one : I’m putting my (Trampa) Spur Drive board back together, but whenever I’m screwing in the 4 motor screws all the way, the motor is not turning anymore, like if the screws were going too far… (pretty sure it’s even touching the red coil inside the motor !)

if I unscrew them for like 2mm, motor is turning again…

pretty sure these are the screws I got the board with :

it’s probably so stupid, but I’m stuck, thanks

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Weird if they are original screws… Well, put some washers or grind the end of the screws…

very weird,

it’s the 25mm ones

right, putting 2mm of washers should work. thanks @Johnnylamouette

wondering if I have or will damage the motors… weird

Na. Your good. Probably

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