Trampa Steet Carver Top Mount for SALE [Chicago, USA]

I’m thinking about selling my 2wd Trampa Hs11 build. Looking for around 2.5k I’ve put around 30ish miles on it so far, love the offroad, but its a bit stiff for me. I’m an engineering student, and I’d like to move to another project. I’m in Chicago and willing to drop off pick up locally, or you pay for shipping.

Specs: Kaly.Nyc Direct drives Trampa Carve Deck 35deg 14 ply 12s5p Samsung 30q Top mounted Battery 2x Focbox in the same top-mounted enclosure running split PPM Flipsky 6374 190kv Motors Trampa Barrels (and original springs w/ dampas) BT module Firefly remote On/Off by loopkey Includes 12s 4a charger trampa1 trampa2


WHHAT why?? You barely used that board yet

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I know, shes practically brand new. If no one wants it, ill keep her. We still have to take a trip out to Blackwell and Greenvalley

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If ur willing to part out lmk!

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I call drives. Heard it here first

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I am second in line… if something happens to Bara…


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I just heard something in my house…


You’re out of milk bruv


im interested in the deck will pay shipping