Trampa strange noise - need help!

hey guys, i have trampa boards and 2 from all my boards making the same noise, didn’t find answer to solve it. this 2 boards have in common the same carver tracks (10mm) trucks, and because it’s 10mm tracks i’m using spacers to fit the bearings on this tracks (spacers to fit 12mm bearings to 10mm track). this is only the common between them (other boards with normal 12mm tracks and 12mm bearings i have no noise at all). if i’m taking out the wheels and put them again, the noises will go for arround 2-3km only and will back again) i also try using special rubber o-ring from trampa, didn’t help… i replaced new set of bearings+spacers, same sound… anyone has that problem? (only on 10mm tracks) here is the video… (again, it’s not from the motor or belts, i have the same noise on another board and both of them new, the noises from first ride! i need mabe to lubricate something? because the bearings used with spacers to fit 10mm track?

If your bearings drop in very easily it may just be play between that and the hub. Get some thick grease and apply it to the area where the bearings are seated. See if it goes away. In my case it’s temperature dependent, goes away on colder days due to alu shrinking.

More permanent solution would be wedging something in between the hub and bearing (maybe small piece of shrink wrap, something soft).

Also check the grub screw and or keyway for play.

thanks, i will use some grease… i will check it on long ride this week… thanks.