Trampa street carver build. 10s5p dual 6355 170kv

IMG_20180919_184246_146 IMG_20180919_162931_874 IMG_20180919_162931_869 IMG_20180919_162931_865 IMG_20180919_162931_872 IMG_20180919_162931_873 IMG-20180919-WA0076 IMG_20180919_162931_866


Looking good!

Looking lovely! List it out man!

Thanks guys. Yeah pretty happy with the outcome so far

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Are those sealed Maytech motors? I’ve got sealed 6374s but have not been able to test them yet. How have they fared for you?

Have not tested them yet been waiting to get an enclosure. Waited for 7weeks on kevin dark to get one sorted for me but gave up on him so gonna build my own

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Having endless problems with my firefly remote. No matter what i do i cant get it to work or connected to my board:-( driving me mental. Everything is done jist can not for the life of me get the remote part of it working grrrrrrrrrr. Wont reacte to throttle or break or even detect it totaaly clueless

Hey bro. I am in the middle of samething right now . I want same Deck, but I can’t find an enclosure for 10s5p. Would u please tell me where u but the enclosure. Thanks

He made it bro, just use @Eboosted enclosure

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Which one ? How u do in order to fit 10s5p into his the enclosure??? Thx

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Holy shit! That’s a beauty. How do those trucks with springs feel compared to your typical Caliber II/Torqueboards trucks?

Yeah i made the enclosure myself. Hard job but worth it

U have a picture of it ? Had another one for sale ? Lol

15424983834382885578454276912253 nope only made one for me and my friends trampa sorry


yoooo that is clean af :+1:

Nice griptape! :slight_smile: