Trampa Street Carver For Sale $2000 USA

I am sellers my like new trampa street carver. I have put under 50 miles on it. Includes dual sk3 6364 motors and a pair of FOC Boxes. Battery is 10s 15ah. Made of 30 1s 5000mah 20C lipos with a built in BMS. The batteries are wrapped into 5, 2s 15000mah packs which are under 160wh for air travel. Includes trampa drive train, 90mm stickies and a custom made kydex enclosure. Top speed 27mph. Tested range 35-42 miles on flat (according to amp draw data from @twan app. $2000 obo Edit: Includes 42v 2a laptop style charger and a trampa luxury travel bag as well. I can give the shred lights with the board. Not interested in parting anything out imageimageimage(upload://q12FXwcDNn8G0LjAQDcsQDXYPxF.jpeg)image


Bump. Just wondering. Is the interest for builds not there or is my price too high?

I dont know, but i think that more pictures will gauge more interest. Especially pics of how the battery and wiring was put together, so people can see and inspect the quality of your work. Just my thoughts. :grinning:

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It’s also hard to sell a complete board here. Most of the guys on here are having fun building a board, not buying one. Ya know?


A few things that could influence the price/reason for a lack of interest. Trampa drive trains are no longer that popular (replaced by superior belt or gear drives). SK3 is no longer that popular (amount of affordable sensored brushless 6374 motors has increased). Lipo for these boards is not popular, unless you have an off-road build (range considerations). Most choose bigger β€˜β€™ wheels for such trampa builds.

Might be more interest via Ebay or similar websites.