Trampa street carver/Mountain

Hello community. I have for a while been wondering and thinking about building a type of trampa board. I would like to have the ability to drive both on the road but also in the forest. I have checked trampa board website many time but I really get lost in there. I really don’t understand their setups. So help me guys what do I need and approx price. Its tourqe and hill climbing I’m mostly interested in.

First of all what I have: Battery 10/12s4p. 30q or Sony vtc6. I’ll build myself. Bms 80A from bestech. FOCBox 2 pc. Remote, enertion, and mini remote.

Thanks in advance. F. B Norway (EU)

In case you have something like that that you want to get rid off PM please.

Make sure to select the options in the drop downs

You need:

A deck with hardware

Vertigo Trucks lighter then ATB, but still 12mm axle for offroading

A set of wheels, stick to superstars (5bolt pattern), as pulley options are more available than hypa, make sure to add bearings and spacers in drop down.

A set of bindings, heel straps if you want them

Now you’ve got the basics… you have the rest of the parts… I’ll let you decide on motor mounts and the like… as there are several members that sell mount options.

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Thanks a lot

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Sure, if you have other questions you can check out my build.

Or a couple others