Trampa Street Carver .. NoWind Build History

Not necessarily. I still go to 4.2 for max range, but I’ll likely have diminished cell life compared to @whitepony. Depends what you want to trade off.

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well yea, dont forget in this discussion that Im running without a BMS module, so I have other reasons besides lifetime to go with rather shallow cycles! my vanguard battery has probably about 5000km on the clock and still running like its the very first day. :slight_smile:

with 40+ cells I dont see a reason to max out on the cells, but thats just me. 30-40km is usually more than what I need!

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@whitepony ok i now see that BMS point also (-; 30-40km is fine, just trying to figure out why for example the evolve bamboo GT goes the same range with half the battery …

Thanks for all your input guys !

Never to late :innocent:

Ride till the dark 40km with over 20kmh average less carving but more hard aceleration and braking … :sunglasses:

No cutoff at this point, battery level indicator says 6% left… Charger counts 3.17V :

Cell resitance :

Riding the Board in the empty and nearly dark streets of my hometown was just a blast… getting in a rush and it was hard to tame the demon :imp: NICE

@Ackmaniac Really looking forward to your app to track my rides, would love to see my watt consumption …


Nice! I think you use FW 3.26, or? On HW 4.12 @Ackmaniac app doesn’t work, only in FW 2.18 or 2.54 it worked, that’s my experience so far.

@rich Thanks for ya input. You are absolutely right, with FW 3.26 on HW4.XX it does not work for long, really strange it works super short but then never again… testet this on 3 controllers… with 2.54 it works like a charm

For me this App is like “welcome to the future” :sunglasses: All the features are absolutely amazing and fantastic.

have had an meeting with @Ackmaniac on Friday and he helps me alot with setup electronics but altough with board setup… the maniac in his name dont come from nothing :wink: badass speedfreak he is :smiling_imp: thanks for your time Dude

Love the WATT control mode, in the end if ya compare it directly with the CURRENT mode ( and now you can compare directly … only one click on the App )

you will recognize that you have the same power but on a longer trigger way… this result in more control and nicer accelerations out of corners … NICEEEE

This shit is DOPE … weiter so :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Riding more and more in the late evening/night …

Neutral :

Forward :

Brake/Reserve :

Surf :

Hang Loose


How did you hook up those lights and which controller are you using with that board? Looks epic.

Kind of a pitty that there will be a new VESC-Tool released. That brings me (us) in the discrepance using @Ackmaniacs BLDC or the new VESC-Tool wich might also be amazing.

Any ideas if Benjamins VESC-Tool comes with Watt-Control ?

@Ackmaniac will you actually further develope your Creation after the release ?

Well, you can’t use the old FW with the VESC SIX and the upcoming designs. The throttle curves let you adjust the throttle very nicely.


But since everything will be open source @Ackmaniac should be able to add his watt mode to the new firmwares no (if he wants to obviously)?

The throttle-curves of the VESC-Tool have a big disadvantage. When you want to make the acceleration progressive you automatically make the braking progressive as well. But in most cases you don’t want that (mostly a linear braking feels the best). They need to be adjustable individually. And i think the current control of the VESC -Tool is more or less the same as watt control. Basically it feels the same to me. And a watt maximum is adjustable as well. Only had a chance for a short ride but couldn’t really feel a difference to my firmware for the VESC 4 hardware. It also has the same issues as the actual firmware has. Hope there are some more details that makes it better for the VESC 4 hardware.


The VESC-Tool integrates the FW and a lot has changed. It’s completely rewritten and supports different chipsets now + a lot of changes to the FOC code. So it’s not only a few clicks! Things are a lot more complicated now. This is why it took so much time to write the new code. You should also compare the new FOC with throttle curves to the Watt control first. Everything is very smooth now. I’m totally confident with power delivery.

Maybe Benjamin will ad it in (if he thinks its something bringing benefits), which is probably the most secure way to assure things don’t get messy. He is the only one understanding all the dependencies.


I think that should be easy to resolve. Maybe we should ad in separate curves for acceleration and braking. We plan frequent updates once its released.


So you plan for no one but Benjamin to make any changes to the firmware because only he can understand it?? Is this thing even still open source??


Let not get started on fair…$300 vesc…not going to release BOM. no intention to release code anytime soon. waiting until he finishes robbing us all blind before letting anyone even c the code. And he said himself if Benjamin thinks watt control is nesesary he will make it. Not akmaniac or anyone else that wants to contribute, because Benjamin is the only one that can understand how to. Comon bro


I’d like to try out a pair of VESC6 but you can bet your sweet ass I will never pay over $150 for one of them. Trampa and BV have put a corner on the market and as long as people will pay the premium their plan worked.

They’d dominate the market if they lowered the price to $150. Think about it. Who would buy any other VESC if they can have the latest and greatest from a trusted brand.

@trampa would make a killing on volume. Not sure why they don’t lower the price and increase supply. Everyone (except other ESC manufacturers) would be thrilled.

That’s really good question. Maybe @trampa can elaborate.

Hey Guys, this is really offtopic to discuss the brake even point of the Vesc6 :joy:

Super easy Dude, its from HK some Drone lights which you mount in parallel with a Y-harness to your PPM signal… works with every ESC … signal output can be adjusted with a small poti and can be reserved for front mounting for example

Cheers Jenso


150$ retail. Why should we make losses? Think of VAT (20%), company Tax (25%), staff, warehouse rent, R&D costs, moulds, Insurance, product returns, travel expenses, production financing and a lot more. A Company is like a bathtub with open drain. And finally, if you pay yourself a salary, its taxed again. People always confuse products profit with profit. There is quite a gap between those two values. Customers want the factory price and the service and innovation a business provides - these two things can’t be combined.