Trampa Street Carver .. NoWind Build History

Hi Jens,

To tight… Six bolts create massive pressure, even when you think they sit loose. The problem is: You can’t tighten them bolts, since one bolt will become loose the moment you tighten up the one next to it. So you keep going in circles and always think: They still sit loose.

The entire wheel is flexible! The bolts should not protrude the inner surface of the pulley! Flush is already quite tight.

I barley tighten them M4 bolts. Just very little. The teething of the pulley interlocks with the urethane to build up the friction. This works even when being very careful with bolt tension.

Ted managed to do the same to ABEC 11 wheels btw. All spokes split. Its not the plastic, its the pressure from the bolts. Low temperatures ad to the problem. Winter and plastic is sometimes an issue.

There is a manual online. Just browse to any E-STREET CARVER and hit the manual tab (desktop site).


To avoid the over stressing of the clone wheels hub I went with a snap on design for the street carve

So far 3D printed but will have them made of aluminum by late January, now is vacation time :slight_smile:


I like the way you think. I’ll be using 3D printed pulleys aswell on my carver for easily swappable wheels


After destroyed the 83mm Wheels i dont work or drive the Carver for some time…

until @trampa released their pictures of the upcoming 125mm Urethan Wheels on Superstar Hubs :heart_eyes:

Also talked with @whitepony about the possibilities to mount a smaller Directdrive system with this 5Inch Wheels on the Carver Trucks

Started to made some 125mm Wheels out of POM, no Grip made for Drifting :imp:

To be continued … Jenso


Holy $hit that looks bad ass… As per usual awesome work.

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drift video now!! :smile:


Build up the Gearbox right now (-;

go jenso !!!


Daamn, homey! That’s dope! I hope you’ve got some padded shorts for this bad boy. Lol. Can I assume you’re gonna try this in 4wd?

Actually i go for testing with Dual Rear… but i´m planning 4WD Driftmachine of course…

Check short Video … very first Battery on the Drift Carver :yum:


Is it possible to get the ultimate hangers (titanium) in black with cnc or raw metal? The white looks nice but not what I’d want for my build.

Stick to the Vertigs unless you want to ride in the salty environment (beach). Ultimate is always white BTW. We have a special for MTBs:


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Why do you recommend the Vertigs over the ultimates?

I ride by the beach but on bike path and never within 50ft of ocean water so salt probably won’t be an issue.

Carbon steel vs titanium shaf, one is prone to corrosion second not.

@nowind, great stuff here, as always, I wouldn’t dare to go over 20kph on this tho, just imagine sudden breaking :joy:

Good to see You didn’t give up on Your hobby!

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Titanium axles are more fragile :

They had a Black Edition for the MTB Trucks, but its not longer on the website…[quote=“squad, post:34, topic:15192”] @nowind, great stuff here, as always, I wouldn’t dare to go over 20kph on this tho, just imagine sudden breaking :joy:

Good to see You didn’t give up on Your hobby! [/quote]

Thanks @squad i dont think that i even hit 15kph yesterday, its like on ice :grin: Yes feels so good to enjoy this stuff again, good times again.

Full tilt is possible, no interference :

More than enough ground clearence for a street deck i guess :

Cheers Jenso


Dope as sh#+ !

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This is cool… @Nowind u should rename the title of the topic - Drift machine :smiley:

I saw these odd ‘‘side roller’’ wheels in skateboard magazine / catalogue (btw mellow also had some ads there!)

Perhaps, if someone would up with some built in rollers… you could easly ride a bit sideways also…:smiley: similar to leiftech / freeboard

Hey thats funny, wanted to change the title of topic but was not possible …maybe to old to change ?

What did you mean by"built in rollers" ?

I dont have the picture with me… I will take a photo when I can… tried to search on the internet no luck :slight_smile: They should have been on the kickstarter…

The idea behind their wheels was to save urethane when doing rail slides with skateboard… their inbuilt rollers (inside the wheel) allowed the wheel to ‘‘roll’’ sideways’’,

The overall look was a bit interesting but I assume it somehow worked if they decided to launch kickstarter for it