Trampa Street Carver, SK3 6374, 12S, VESC, and Trampa mount kit

My second build is a Trampa Street Carver. Here’s the parts list:

  • Trampa Street Carver (Holypro deck, Vertigo trucks, and Tampa 83mm 76a wheels)
  • Trampa mount and pulley kit (15mm belt, 37/14 pulleys)
  • SK3 6374 149kv motor
  • Ollin VESC
  • Rhino 6S 4,900 mah x 2
  • Gt2b tx/rx, with Badwolf enclosure
  • Elephant E090 case

After putting all the Trampa parts together and mounting the motor:

I put a number of holes in the enclosure:

  • the left-most holes allow access and clearance for the rear truck spring adjusters;
  • the holes near them are mounting holes for the enclosure (which mounts using using extended versions of the rear-most truck mounting bolts);
  • the big round hole is for the motor wires;
  • the long hole is for my XT-90 loop key/charge port; and
  • the remaining holes are for ventilation.

I configured the batteries like this. By inserting a loop key in the anti-spark XT-90 connector and connecting the other XT-90 to my VESC, I have a 12S system. Connecting both XT-90s using a parallel charge harness lets me parallel charge with a 6S charger.

I got this cheap L-plate at my local Ace Hardware, then bent it into a U-bracket. I then mount the VESC to it using one of the heat-sink screws.

Batteries go in like so . . .

The VESC goes in like so . . .

And everything squeezed in together like this.

Ready to test ride.

Ready to carry (with the folding handle deployed).



I’m going for something similar but using the urban carver (no bindings, norrower trucks, but still pneumatics).

How do you like the motor mount? Worth the price vs making your own or sourcing one from nowind?

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Nice build Man :slight_smile: you may want to get some insulation for the battery that is closer to the vesc, the heat can cause some trouble there.

The motor mount is easy to align and seems very stable, but I’ve probably only put 10 miles on it, so I can’t speak to long term stability. Also, the plate to which the motor mounts is reasonably thin, which is nice from the standpoint of fitting a wide pulley on a short SK3 shaft.

If I were to change anything, I’d prefer a slightly shorter motor plate, just to reduce the overall length of the board. But I suppose it’seems long to accommodate the bigger pneumatic wheels and pulley.

Overall, I’m really happy with the quality and ride of this board!

Thanks to both of you for the Compliments!

I know VESC heat is an issue, which is why I put lots of holes in the mid-section of the box. I also made sure there is at least 1/2" clearance between the batteries and heat sinks and put reflective foil on the sides of the batteries facing the VESC. The lid actually presses lightly on the batteries when it’s closed, so I figure I just need to keep that center section well ventilated.


looks sweet!

I’m making my own mounts (definitely not as pretty as trampa’s offering) for a dual urban carver I’m currently working on. I should have the mounts done and posted up here in the next few days!

Nice build and good inspiration!

I’m also working on … something … so it’s good to see some Trampa around.

How is the carving compared to a standard longboard?

And how does it work out with the box in the back? Doesn’t it get in the way of your back foot? What is your stance? Sideways or more downhill-like, speed tuck?

Thanks, @PB1.

Compared with my Hi5ber Zenith build (with Caliber II 44s and 76mm Flywheels), carving on the Trampa is great. It turns tighter and steers at least as accurately. The big difference is in the feel, which just makes it more fun. While the Zenith deck is very stiff, the (14 ply) Trampa is very bouncy. Of course, that makes the ride smoother, but it also provides a fun, floaty feeling–kind of like I imagine snowboarding in powder feels.

The box at the rear is pretty much a non-issue. I stand sideways, but with my front foot turned somewhat forward. Every once in a while, my back heel bumps the corner of the box, but the box is so solidly mounted, I don’t worry about it.

Hi Builders! Good news for those wanting a short carbon panel: Its in production and will arrive mid of Oktober already. We will also get a new aluminium bracket to mount the hanger in MTB position to get more wheelbase on the Carve Urban Pneumatic tire setup. All carbon panels will fit both kind of brackets, so switching the hanger around will only be a matter of changing the bracket. This way you can easily switch from Carve Street to Carve Urban setups.

As I have seen on the photos: Both springs are in outer position. Try them in the inner position! This ads 100% more fun and carve. You can also try the inner position on the back side and the outer on the front side. I love them both in inner position.

You compared the feeling to a snowboard in powder snow. Totally right! That’s what I personally love so much about it. Whenever I ride on a regular Longboard I think to myself: What a plank…

Cheers, Frank


I wanted two follow up with two observations, now that I have probably 50 miles on this board . . .

First, the motor mount is super stable. I was worried that it wouldn’t be, given that it doesn’t clamp around the hanger, but it hasn’t budged since I installed it.

Second, the drive/brake wheel on this board has great traction! The drive/brake wheel often lost traction (on both acceleration and braking) on my old board (with 76mm 75a Flywheels and Caliber II 44 trucks), when my weight was shifted away from the drive/brake wheel. But I nearly never lose traction with this Street Carver (with 83mm 76a wheels and Trampa Vertigo trucks). My guess is the better traction results from this design of trucks maintaining more weight on the outside wheels in turns. Whatever the explanation, it’s a nice outcome for those of us with single motor setups.


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I’m away from my board until Wednesday, but I’ll check and report here then.

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Sorry I haven’t yet replied. The problem is I didn’t get back to my board yesterday and won’t until Friday night, but I’ll reply this weekend.

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Unfortunately, it looks like it would be impossible to fit two SK3 6374 motors on, at least with 15mm belts. I would say there would be about 1/2 inch overlap on the motors.

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Can you comment on why you chose to use ‘‘axle holder’’ ? Did you feel that the belt makes too much pressure on the axle?

No, it just came with the mount and I thought it looked nice, so I used it.

ah okay… have to ask trampa about it then! :smiley: Which, actually originated from @nowind probably…

so @Nowind, can you comment on why ‘‘motor axle holder’’ is a good idea? (Other than using it for 25mm belts…) are the forces still too great in some cases? Does it help with belt skipping ?

Hey. Sorry dont understand your question mate. What do you mean by “motor axle holder” ? Greetz Jenso