Hey guys… Here’s something I’ve been working on… first prototype wasn’t “solid” enough so going to have to change a few things on it and do more testing.

Please forgive the crooked motor mounts this isn’t the final photo. I originally tried to make it universal that way only one motor mount would be produced but looks like we’ll need to do a left hand/right hand option :cry:.

I’ve always wanted a hybrid setup. Instead of re-inventing the wheel Trampa has a great set of options and colors! So I built it off Trampa. MBS are harder to get a hold of and building a high performance setup you might as well go with high quality components.

Trampa Street & Urban Carver

Basically, it’s a TRAMPA Street Carver & Urban Carver setup - universal and interchangeable. Swap the wheels…

However, there is one issue. Trampa suggests the difference from the Street & Urban is for the 7" pneumatics the truck hangers are flipped to allow for more lean due to the larger wheel size so if you were to switch or swap the setup from Street Wheels to Pneumatics the hanger would have to flip. But I’m pretty sure you can have it on one side and it’ll be fine. Haven’t tested that yet though.

Mechanical Kit Setup

I’m enjoying the Support Bar + Support Bracket setups like on the Trampa MTB Setup. It’s rock solid with the bar + brackets. Trampa MTB Setup has square trucks so it makes life much easier when making a solid mount for it. The Street Carver Trucks got some elegant curves so harder to make a solid “universal” motor mount.

This setup will fit Dual 6374 motors with 20mm wide belts for both 83mm/90mm Flywheels and 7" Pneumatics TRAMPA. The 20mm Drive Wheel and Motor Pulleys will be interchangeable with the TORQUEBOARDS Trampa MTB Kit as well.

Battery Setup

Simple setup would be to use an S3 T5500 case or similar which will bolt to the center that way you can build a much bigger battery pack Ex. 10S13P. Inside dimensions - 9.37″ long 7.34″ wide 6.08″ deep

What do you guys think? Would this be something you’d like to ride/build? Any suggestions.


I personally love my trampa urban Carver with 7inch pneumatics more than any of my other boards. For me it boils down to these four as my biggest positives: -it takes all the road vibrations away making it an ideal long distance Carver -you can go anywhere with dual drive (it’s wicked fun on the beach) -drifting is fun -no foot bindings to hassle with; just get on and ride like a normal board

I guess my 2 cons would be my current mount, and using car esc’s instead of the vesc. I made the dual rear mount myself in order to keep the build under $1,000, but it has a little bit of vertical play(belt is staying aligned fine, but I can hear it rattling up and down when I’m flying over rough terrain), and won’t last forever with how I’m riding.

Also, do you plan on making a mounting kit for the urban Carver? I know you mentioned it’s a little more difficult with the hanger, but whether it is you or @Kaly, I think people building urban carvers would like another mounting option; especially since the full sized emtb mounts are sold by multiple people in all different versions while the urban carvers have next to nothing.

You are definitely going to like it!


I think thats too big even for me hahah


@cmatson - It’s mostly difficult with making a universal mount for mounting w/ the hanger in the “street carver” position and the “urban carver position” since they’re flipped and I’d like a one mount fits all but doubt it.

Same truck on both setups but street carver has the “nice” looking side and the urban carver has the backside of the hanger… it’s flipped.

The photo above is the first prototype. I think Kaly has just the motor mount. I actually enjoy the support bar + support bracket with the motor mount to provide extra durability and so it’s rock solid.

I definitely like the idea of the street/urban carver though. Literally, the hills out here now (since I moved to TX) are mostly grass hills at parks and less actual “uphill” riding like in SF. So finding a hilly area is hard out here - gotta go pneumatics :slight_smile: and climb the grassy areas.

But yeah, can’t wait to ride it… and the Trampa MTB Setup.

@barajabali - lol I know… I was thinking about it like uh… 37V 32,500mah hahah… on a longboard that’s something like 74 miles range. I suppose you can put that on a street carver…leg’s would fall off before I finished the pack.


ya, seems like you’d need to design an upside-down “T” shape so it would be reversible.

This was the hanger shape I used for my mounts, so you’d almost have to just overlay on on top the other so it can work from either directions.

Hi, we have two brackets and two carbon panels for the Trampa carver. The two different brackets are used for the two different mounting positions of the hanger (SC and UC bracket = Street Carve and Urban Carve) BOTH CARBON PANELS FIT BOTH BRACKETS! One carbon panel is short the other one longer. You can use the long panel for the interchangeable street and urban setup, while the short one only fits the street setup. Its like Lego… You can easily keep the hanger in the Urban Carve position when using 90mm wheels. The only issue is less ground clearance. It really depends on your terrain.


@Trampa thanks for clarification Frank. I figured you could use it the same.

Forgot to say that: We have moulds being made for a pneumatic 6" tire. It will fit the Hypa and Superstar hubs. Low profile high PSI, low roll resistance technology. The solid 5" PU tire will also fit our hubs. In future you can ride 83mm, 90mm, 125mm PU + 6" and 7" pneumatic tires. We will offer some more different tire treads for the 7" range this year.

So the Trampa Carver will have tons of wheel options coming up!



@Trampa awesome… :slight_smile: Can’t wait…!

“Solid 5” is what happened to me just after reading all the new tire options you just listed… :blush:

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Yay yay yay yay!!!:joy:

I just can’t wait for some urban carver mounts!!

Frank, where are my set of these bad boys??

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Yes! I was asking the same question! There has not been much info lately about these ‘‘wheels’’

I just found a complete longboard on amazon with 130mm rubber wheels for 60€ they are not urethane but still…

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@trampa !!! this is great news! To date there is a real need for 5" and 6" options! Any idea how soon they’ll be available?

We currently make the moulds. Things don’t happen over night, especially if you want to assure the best quality possible. We just made some protos in ultra high rebound 74a. Very prommissing… Using the same hub its your choice: 5"PU, 6" Pneumatic or 7" Pneumatic. The Hanger always stays in Urban Carve position.

We will soon come up with this radical design. Its the ultimate machine under your feet.

You will be able to upgrade our current Carvers. Please don’t send us any requests for this Product. We will make it available ASAP and will get back to you.



@trampa WAIT! WAIT!.. OMG!

Looks great can’t wait :slight_smile:


That board, the wheels. ohh myy god!

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