Any idea what motor mount you will be using?

Will 8" tires fit the urban carver?

beautiful :heart_eyes:

14ply feels great for 80kg, will remove the yellow dampas though, truck feels too stiff without bindings!


Hi Frank,

Apologies if this has bee nposted already but I couldn’t find it. What is the capacity of that segmented battery box (the large one, not thin one-row 18650)

Thank you!!

Two cells wide (placed head to head), length of the box to your requirement. So you can fit a lot of cells. It really depends on the size (length) of your deck.


I love the stance of the 16" Vertigo Trucks on pneumatic tires, I bet it looks bad ass on urethane wheels as MBS or Abec 11 as well, however there are no 16" width trucks available wil 9.525 axles in order to be fitted on the Street Carver Deck.

What could I do in order to keep 16" width springed trucks, mount regular uretane wheels on the street and swap to 8" pneumatics when going off road?hh

Use the Ultimate Hanger, Easy! You can ad the inner spring position by drilling two additional 5mm holes. It works, I have done this before. Trampa is a bit like L E G O.


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@trampa Would you consider producing the ultimate in black or raw finish? These are the hangers I want but don’t really want white.


why dont go with the black ones if you dont like white ?


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@trampa are the últimates 16" hangers?

Do you have a picture of these trucks on an Street Carver Board with street wheels?, I’d love to see that.

Its clearly described that these are 16" Hangers, reading helps (-;

Street Carver Deck is only slightly shorter on the tips as MTB Deck, no big difference at all…

So this is a MTB Deck with 16" Trucks and 125mm Street Wheels :

Everything else is up to your imagine (-; Dream it… build it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Hang Loose


There are ultimate (16") and ultimate carve/mini (12.5").

If I’m doing an urban carver, I want to stay 12.5"

Frank: Would the Ultimate Trucks (complete) fit the Street Carver deck?

Or I’d need to buy the Mini Vertigo Baseplate and the Ultimate hanger separately?

Baseplate Mini Vertigo

Ultimate truck hangers:

Here You are!


The ultimate truck has no inner spring position. So you would need to have the street carve Baseplate. Tell me what you want and I tell you the best way forward. We can build anything.



Hollysh!t! That looks amazing Frank.

Ok, I’m sold, placing the order right now for the Street Carver Deck and I need you to tell me how to order a street carver truck baseplate on ultimate hanger 9.525mm with red springs and yellow dampas, I guess I’ll need your bearings as well.

Hi Alan, I need to setup the product and send you the link. Our motor mounts should fit just fine BTW. Tell me about your setup desires and I tell you what to do.


I’m looking for a street carver with wide hangers as the build posted by yourself on the previous post with the yellow stickies. That’s amazing!

That way I could mount the AT wheels in the future and have an e-MTB ready for offroading.

I chose the ultimate trucks as I don’t like the truck width found on urban carver mini trucks too much. I like the look and stance of the wide 16" trucks on street and MTB applications a lot.

However, I’m not 100% if this setup would be detrimental for carving under street use with Abec 11 97mm wheels. I’m hoping it would ride awesome. But if you tell thus this setup is not good then let me know if you would suggest to stick with the 12.5" street carver mini trucks

I’m traveling to USA next weekend but will only stay until Saturday, so I’d like to place the order for the street carver deck, trucks and bearings, hope you could make it ASAP to get them parts on time.

It will carve just fine! The axle pins are pretty long (53mm). Mounting our MTB hubs with 8,7or 6" pneumatics is no problem. I never mounted Stickies with our pulleys and motor mounts to that truck. I need to check that!

You would need to ad the holes for the inner spring position to the hanger. Easy job, using the baseplate as template. I’ll post an image and check the ability to mount the streetwheels with pulley system and motor mounts.


Hello Frank!

So I am currently using ABEC 11 flywheels on my eBoard and wanted to move to your pneumatic wheels (8 inches hypa). While browsing I noticed that your wheels have like the same looking core as mine. I use an adapter to fit the bigger pulley to the wheel itself. Now I wanted to know if this adapter also fits to your wheels. The adapter: How it fits to my pulley: