Trampa Tire / MBS Hub Compatibility

I tried searching this and have contacted @trampa 's website support but haven’t heard back. I’m running on fivestar hubs from MBS now. MBS says these hubs support 8" and 9" wheels

I love the color options and style of the Trampa tires though. I notice that, specifically, Trampa states that " The STRIKER tyre will fit to all known Hubs that are commonly used for Mountainboarding & Kiteboarding."

Can any of the 8 or 9 inch Trampa tires fit MBS hubs?

8" tires fit 8 inch hubs, 9" tires fit nine inch hubs, easy as that. I would not put an 8" tire onto a 9" hub. The hub will stand prone and will get smashed up sooner than later. The concept of a combo hub is not really working in reality.


Thanks for the quick reply. Hoping to upgrade to more of your products soon :slight_smile:

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