Trampa truck steering dampening

Ahm, you don’t need anything much that stuff is everything inside. It has solenoid valve (2 pin connector) you control solenoid and it control how stiff it is

the speed the valve works controls oil flow, but also oil weight controls how fast it moves chamber to chamber… I don’t know digital but analog shocks and dampers I have used and tuned.

I don’t really know much about this stuff, but as far as much I have done research I found similar stuff idea

I’ve thought about using small RC ball joints to mount dampener from truck to board (seeing as there will be a lot of motion)

Trampa trucks aren’t made for speed. And anti wobble tech…should be all y’all practicing on slacklines and training them ankles…

Just saying, if your wobbling your skating out of your skill. Go ride an analog board down a hill, and learn to skate. Oh wait I already said trampa trucks aren’t made for speed. So, ya know, don’t use trampa trucks lol. Use a truck designed for the application…


Yeah yeah, longboards were never intended to be propelled by electric motors…

Doesn’t mean you should rely on engineering to self correct the board. Self correcting board but your body doesn’t follow.

These are boards that are ridden by a sense of balance. Yea its great we have motors. But take away the feeling of the road and the sensation of balance and pressure of your feet and you have a plank of death. Just saying. Go ahead make some anti wobble tech vs taking the time to learn to skate and being able to let your ankles control the board.

The issue with wobbles is the board controls your ankles because your ankles are weak. Adding some fancy tech will just make that worse if you still have no ankle control skill/strength. Your just asking to street your face.

You want a solution, buy a slackline. Use it.

While I really like what @Kug3lis is trying to achieve here as I’m a tech head myself, I do feel @Deckoz has a good point.

Good, quality trucks with appropriate bushings can solve bigger part of the problem. I did skate a little in my early years but only casually. So the transition to esk8 wasn’t that odd…the bigger challenge imho are the higher speeds and the stance to control the board. That was new to me; riding 10 km/h on skate wheels VS 25km/h over mixed roads. I’ve found out that @okp’s kind of snowboard stance is the best for daily commute; I just need to be ready when shit happens because on the road it usually does from time to time. He rides hard with trampa trucks but doesn’t seem to mind the wobbles? :upside_down:

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No you did not understand… :smiley: The problem is that sometimes I want for e.g. really flexiable board for low speed carving and etc, then you go higher speeds the really flexible is really pain in the ass and nothing can help you for this not even your hardcore ankles.

This stiffener it just limits how fast it can move that’s all it does not help nothing with steering

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Plus this kind of stuff is also amazing

I ride a flex 4 vanguard up to 40mph. Its a noodle. But its all ankles dude.

I understood perfectly. I’ll say it again, trampa trucks aren’t designed for speed. And there’s no replacement for ankles. And as @Crossfire said there’s also no replacement for a proper truck setup. Trucks setup wrong just enhance the problem.

Springs don’t and never will behave like urethane bushings on a kingpin. The throw of the springs and dampas are not linear in compression like a urethane bushing at the proper duro. And the return to center is just straight up whack.


Thing about mountainboards though with the straps and all, is you can’t get into a tuck like you can on your vanguard. Much nicer feel at speeds with tight trucks, at least on the rear.

Dude look at the design of the kingpin on trampas. The axle sits ahead of the kingpin like tkp, not trailing behind the pivot point like RKP. They aren’t speed trucks.

And tucking? Who mentioned anything about tucking. Sure you can tuck for speed but what good is it if you can’t stand up to air check, or speed check. Being forced to ride in a tuck at x speed is just wrong. Your trucks need to be setup so all riding positions feel stable at all speeds, trampa and tkp are not speed trucks. Its that simple…

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See your point. I’ve never been much of a skater. Can’t say I’ve ever had any wobbles on the mountainboard, just like the feel of tighter trucks when going over 30mph. Not so much when going slow though. Having them automatically adjust would be dope!

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You want them tighter at speed because they slap less. The kingpin design with speed makes them want to rake back and forth. So having them tighter of course fights/minimizes that.

But with traditional bushing trucks you want them as loose as possible(tight enough so you can barely spin the bushing with your fingers) at the proper duro for your weight. The rest is all ankles.

Basically to make trampa trucks work at speed your doing the opposite of what you should be doing. To tight of a truck, once the oscillation starts the board will be controlling your ankles,vs your ankles setting and holding the desired angle.

You should be controlling your trucks at all speeds, and not your trucks controlling you, tight trucks will over power you. Its a real shame silverfish is gone, And that you guys don’t practice on analog boards to really understand what’s happening beneath your feet. And how different truck setups change your ride.


I like the idea of using a slackline. Even with super ankles though, I still don’t think I’d wanna ride these things over 30 with loose trucks.

Today I ordered two pieces for 15£ each will see how they look :slight_smile:


yeah, it was my go to for everything skate…

First of all, a Dampener doesn’t soften or stiffen up anything. All it does is restrict quick movements and allow slower movements to happen. That’s it.

Employed on a truck isn’t a bad idea. It really could shut down a speed wobble. But it isn’t going to make you safer at higher speeds if you don’t know how to shut down or foot brake.

It’s going to give you a major false sense of security and get you into serious trouble quick. There’s too many people on this forum reliant on electric brakes. Just what we need is people who have no business going 30mph doing it because they think it’s safe.


I’m failing to see the difference between ‘stiffen’ and ‘restricting quick movement.’

I am ok at foot braking, and pretty comfortable doing a shutdown slide if need be, but certainly not when strapped into a mountainboard on pavement, so yeah I am definitely relying on the brakes, and/or my helmet :confused:

Like I said before, I’ve never been much of a skater, so my understanding is limited. My background is mainly in snowboarding and wakeboarding. I was under the impression that holding a tuck was not only for aerodynamics, but to position one’s weight over the front truck as to prevent speed wobbles.

Yeah, bummer about silverfish. I’d like to read up to get a better understanding of all this.