Trampa trucks and wheels

I have a etoxx chain drive and rspec motors with vescs and I need trampa trucks and wheels next so I figured I would see if anyone had an old pair of something and also wondering if the ultimate trucks are worth the difference between the vertigo trucks?

Hi, I just want to second this request. Anyone who has old trampa or mbs mountainboards or parts, I’m interested in buying.

I’m done bidding

If anyone needs spare or new trampa parts- hit me up. @Lumpenprol


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I have Vertigo trucks (not for sale) and am happy with them. I believe the only differences between Vertigos and Ultimates are the color and the axle material (titanium in the Ultimates).

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I´m planning my trampa aswell and I´m asking myself the same question. Vertigo or Ultimate and Hypa or Superstars? @esk8 @Blasto @Nowind @trampa just to ask a few with experience about some differences between them.

In Frank’s words: “Titanium is not the choice Nr. 1 if you want to build your board. Usually kiteboarders use it due to corrosion issues (beach, salt). Steel is much stronger and more suitable for e-boards”

Vertigo, Superstar or Hypa - depending on weight and how serious your ride style is.


So Vertigo and Superstars it is! :smiley:

I´m doing crazy things with my stuff and I´m about 90 kg + backpack and protection :wink:

Vertigo and superstars is what i base my boards on. solid.

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I think you must build your Trampa out MTB Parts (Trucks) no Kite Trucks with 10mm. Superstar Wheels have Aluminium Spokes and was very solid. And i think, the Spring in black was a must have by the Trucks.

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Alright thanks guys! So what Dampas do you guys ride? Is Red 80a a good middle or what do you prefer?

I finde that my green dampas was very stiff and now want changing to yelow.

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Since this is related, I wanted to ask:

When is there gonna be some more info about the ‘‘huge’’ Urethane wheels, which could somehow fit the hypa hubs?

I remember you posted a picture of such ‘‘3d model’’ where the urethane wheels were quite big…

Im not sure which thread it was… so im just asking you here!

Sorry but i don’t have posted Uhretan Wheels in 3D for Trampa hubs. I have Postet in 3D model a Gearbox for Trampa Trucks.

Looks like Ground industries had something like this in mind a long time ago… I wonder what really made the company go down…


Shit quality made them go down. Fantastic design, but everything failed. MTBs weren’t that famous by the time they went bust and the competition had better performing products. The urethanes tires never really hit the market. They make sense on e-boards, not on downhill boards. We basically thought of making them in 2009 but never pushed the but on until now.


Nice, thanks for sidestory for this…

Yes, eboards definately have a bit different needs for regular riding and other associated features which happen only to eboards…

If you can stay away from this! Its a waste of money if you ask me. Its probably many many years old, tires don’t get better over time, bindings are not very good, the steering cubes fail al the time (urethane ripping apart), no fresh replacements available and its a wooden deck. Wood’s no good, don’t be a plank, ride a Trampa!


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