Trampa trucks etc for sale SOLD

Hey builders and esk8 family, the more you buy the better the price and shipping;-) the following prices are without shipping, So i have allot of stuff here we go: 1:Motormount idea 398euro new and it is as good as new 190euro 2:hypa hubs x4 with4x prima tyres with about 50km 120euro 3: 2 xpulleys 70T for Trampa hypa hub again as good as new btw they are 20mm wide so no skipping , never had a belt snap ! They come with the motormount. 4:2 motors Maytech new 300euro incl shipping they can go for 160euro 5: i have got 3 ultimate trucks they are the lightest and the best that Trampa has new for 1 is 145euro all 3 of the trucks can go for 290euro so u get an titanium truck extra for the same price. 6 : springs and or dampers included just need youre prefference ( weight ) soft carving ( more wobble the harder you go the less wobble but short turns are more difficult. 7: 4xurban tyres Trampa new with inner tube new 80euro 8: 4x8inch primo off road tyres with about 50km on them 60euro 9: steering damper against wobble made by ettox new 490e i would like 200e ( you can safely ride without but i just wanted to go above 70kmph :wink: still pretty nuts 10: i would sell my trampa bindings too with heelstrap new they are 120euro can go for 60 for the set.

I have al the little things too as bolts nuts etc

Well its everything without board,battery and vesc If you buy enough i will give a brand new mark one board for free.

Kind regards

Bursens Michael

Interested in the 4xurban tyres - are they 8 inch? (200/50)

What’s the total including shipping to Sweden?

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May also be interested in buying the barrels if you’d be prepared to sell them separately. I need the full kit if so.

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Hey mate goodmorning,wel the barrels i have 4 ,i paid 80euro including shipping they are as good as new.Bought them last week and selling because im not getting 2 barrels one have 15 miles the other have 0. So I would like 60 need to check how much shipping is i will adjust the price to stay around65 euro or less in total . Just a sec i will check and send another message.

The urbans are new and with inner tube! They are 6,5inch so smaller then 200mmScreenshot_20200418-090824_Chrome|236x500 about 100euro for al 4 so i would like 70 incl shipping. So shipping them together will be cheaper.

It will be 121euro including 29euro shipping . So150euro for both incl shipping if you see other things you like they won’t need shippingcosts.

Hey, I maybe be interested in the urban tyres and tubes, if my friend above decides against them… How much shipped to the UK?

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You know they are from the UK? You can buy them @Trampa shipping will be less and total maybe the same.

I do know that they’re UK based :joy: I like a bargain, but if shipping is going to bump it up to retail price I’ll leave it :+1:

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Okay I’ll have to pass on the wheels they’re too small. The barrels are the full kit? Do they include the screws and bolts or not?