Trampa underboard battery tray and 21700?


short Question:

will 2X21700 besides each other fit into the Trampa Carbon Enclosure ? length and diameter -wise !!

i want to buy only the trampa underboard tray but trampa is out of stock… i wish somebody has it

@Eboosted sells them :point_left::point_up:

thats kinda overpricing haha…

haha no they are not.

overpricing you say? welcome to the world of Esk8:rofl::rofl:

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them enclosures cost more than my deck:flushed:

haha… well i try other enclosure out there but paying more than 100 bucks is a big NO haha

Your loss tbh, they might cost a bit upfront but the investment is worth it for the durability, craftsmanship and support you get 🤷

I paid $85 for kalys enclosure for single stack 12s4p now I wish I bought eboosted double stack for $40 more. Not saying kalys is bad.

well if im gonnq waste more than 100 bucks im planning to get the Orrsom enclosure of trampa its with bolts and etc…

You can find mass produced plastic enclosures from under US$ 20, but I feel compelled to tell you why the price is right.

I manufacture each of my enclosures by hand, it takes me around 2-3 days to make just one, I mean create them from scratch, finish the edges, correct imperfections and seal them before painting and test fit them. The materials I use are top notch in order to archive rigidity and flexibility at the same time, this, at the end, should give you good durability, the mounting holes will hold the securing bolts and won’t crack, the countour of each enclosure will follow the shape of each deck perfectly so you won’t need to overtight screws and force the enclosure in order to seal the gaps. I also need to let you know the design process is the longest part, it has taken me sometimes even months to design them, the art you see on the external surface on each enclosure is created by me by following the spirit of each deck and the feel I want to project on each of my works:

For instance you have the spine look of the Evo Falcon series: image

Or the Lamborghini rear motor vents of the Century 40"

The trampa enclosure takes me the longest time as it like making 7 enclosures everytime the ammount of flexible resin is also increased in order to avoid cracks caused by the constant flexing of the deck.


If it is about 10s2p, even plastic may not cause problems. However, the larger the battery pack, such as 12s5p, the more the enclosure is asked for strength and durability. I prefer large battery packs, so I can not compromise the enclosure. Given the possibility that the enclosure may break due to vibration and the battery may fall, it is safer to buy a solid enclosure. The Eboosted EVO DS enclosure can support 12s10p without any problems. It is a battery pack of about 6kg. I thought it was expensive shopping, but it is much stronger and safe than making it with a 3D printer.