Trampa Urban Carver battery(s) recomendation

136kv motor, 8" wheels and wanting a 20 mile range. I’m 6’/220 lbs. Here is a link to the board;

They use a 6364 motor. It has a limit of 12S.

  • Option #1 - (2) 6S lipo battery packs (hobbyking) in serial making it 12S

  • Option #2 - (48) 18650 batteries spot welded in packs of (4) connected serially making it 12S

I am doing a 12s 18650 pack on my Urban Carver. It allows you to conceal the batteries totally underneath so your board has that slick profile.

My build isnt’ completed but here is one that is (also has your Trampa Urban Carver motor mount) so its a good reference for you:

Good luck!

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2 of these in series for 12s

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Thank you fellas! The board is going to be my 60th b-day present to myself. I am a builder of things by nature but the electronics end of it is challenging for me.

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Maybe we should start up a senior citizens sk8t group.

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I can always build you a pack