Trampa Vertigo Motor Mounts EU Trade / Sell

Would trade these for Vertigo or, buy one infinity truck if someone can let go one for cheap

ORRRRRR anything you have to offer I need parts for my Trampa build. Charge only bms, superstar hubs…

These mounts are made by @Rithblu and seem solid AF Accepting offers


How did you color them?

powder coated

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Man, I thought these would be taken by now…

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I’ve got some Trampa items for sale or trade. Im in the US though

Spring adjusters?

I have them but will be using it for my build.

As long as we’re talking trampa, I don’t suppose anyone has some spring trucks they’d be willing to sell me?

I’ve got Trampa trucks and chaindrive I keep going back and forth on whether I wanna sell or not. Don’t wanna hijack Acido’s thread though. I’ll start one here as soon as I get a minute.


Thanks, I’ll keep an eye out. I’m less interested in the chain drive, just need the trucks.

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how much you want for them? im in spain

I filed them down to fit infinity trucks but never put a motor on that build or anyhing also not sure if i even want to trade those anymore

so no more vertigo compatible? let me know if you want to sell too. Thanks Acido

there’s one or two mm wiggle room but a spacer should do it