Trampa VESC 6 MKIV, looking for feedback

I am looking to buy 2 Trampa VESC 6 MKIV, does anyone own a pair.

I would like to know how they are holding up and handle. Let me know if you got sensorless motors and what the size of your battery pack you’re using.

Also this VESC comes with auto-shutoff and hibernation mode and want to know if you’re using this feature and if you trust it with your battery pack always plugged in, even for long-term storage.

I owned a Flipsky ESC and it blew up after 3 rides, so I am in need for a VESC and trying to sit on my hands and not make a impulsive purchase.

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Handsdown the most reliableESC money can buy.

I would also look into Torqueboards new vesc6, but you may need to get in touch with dexter over on the other forum directly since he doesnt list it on his website. They have proven to be solid as well

Nice thing about Trampa is that they are well established. Bad side is Frank can be a bit of a handful with the whole VESC trademark. I love my VESC 6 (MKIII), they never fail me and do well under pressure. its nice having the brains of the build be rock solid.

How long have you had the Trampa VESC? what type of motor are you using and do you get smooth start up.