Trampa vs MBS bindings – which are best?

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I’ve currently got an old set of Trampa camlock bindings on my Trampa HolyPro set up and they’re uncomfortable as hell and there’s no ratchet so they’re a pain to adjust. So I’m looking at upgrade options.

Does anyone have experience with both Trampa and MBS ratchet bindings and could give an opinion on which they prefer? The MBS look a lot more padded but it’s hard to tell just from pics.


MBS (F5):

Also, for MBS is there a big benefit in buying the F4 over the F5? Are the F5 much comfier? I know I could put on thicker shoes/socks, but the current set I have just don’t mold to my feet at all well and there has to be a better option available. I already have Trampa Ratchet heelstraps and they work pretty well so will just upgrade my toestraps.

Grateful for your thoughts,


@benjammin runs the MBS bindings, they look pretty cushy. I thought about grabbing a pair but I’m going to run the Trampa ones first as they have all metal hardware so might be more durable :muscle: The mounts look plastic on the F5’s and the bracket incorporates the heel strap so I don’t think you will be able to mix-match the parts. Maybe some memory foam might help? More edge pressure on your shoes?

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Look at the Freebord S2 Bindings.


I dig the Trampa decks, but those bindings are utter shit compared to F5s lol.

Definitely plan on trying out some freebord bindings here at some point though.

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Thanks @Cobber / @mmaner I’m way too impulsive and just went ahead and bought the MBS F5s! :scream: I used to own a Freebord and do like those bindings but i don’t want to release from the board so need full bindings :muscle:

Haha so glad you said that - as I’ve just bought a pair! Do you have the heels too?

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Yeah I’ve got the heel straps too. Wasn’t so sure on 'em at first (kinda bulky), but they grew on me.