Trampa wheels on Evolve Supercarve trucks

I read on the Evolve site that the MBS wheels do not fit on their Supercarve trucks. Does it mean that it is the same for the Trampa Hypa and Superstar? Did Evolve deliberately made slightly less wide hubs and reduced the margin on the axle to make it incompatible with other brands?

They did it so they could use the same trucks for skate wheels and all terrain wheels while using an 8mm bearing.

Hmm… Why didn’t they use 12mm and 9.52 with an adapter, like Trampa? What would happen then if I try to fit an Hypa on the Supercarve? Can’t I use their bearings in the Hypa?

Because different companies tackle things differently. You could ask why didn’t Trampa use 8mm bearings?

The bearing spacing on the trampa wheels are too wide. You could try running a 10mm ID bearing on the inside of the wheel and an 8mm ID bearing on the outside of the wheel. Then run a wheel mounted gear that doesn’t rely on a bearing. Not sure of the exact dimensions of the evolve trucks though.